Saucify Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

Find all Saucify affiliate programs that use the Saucify affiliate software and backend platform.

Saucify Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

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    Saucify, formerly known as BetOnSoft is a well-known software provider founded by Private Equity Group from the UK.

    The company has a management team that is made up of veterans in the gaming industry and who knows very well what operators want. This team of experts can help you bypass all the difficulties you may encounter while creating your business and help you build and maintain a very successful online casino.

    Saucify can offer a complete turnkey solution for your business. It will give you complete guidance to set up your start in the gaming industry.

    Saucify will help you to resolve all issues you might have including the financial side of the business where they will advise you about audit compliance, investor reports, wagering calculations, financial analysis, etc…

    They will get you started with one of the most important things like licensing is. You’ll get help with licensing in various jurisdictions.

    Their financial experts are well connected with the world’s leading financial institutions, so they can really advise you about processing solutions per country, currency, and type, and also they have access to all leading fraud control services, so you can rest assured that your business is running smoothly without any problem.

    This company has an IT solution for any of your needs, including casino hosting with maintenance services, 3rd party services, client and banner hosting and lot’s more.

    They will also give the players support, protection of all of your data, testing and troubleshooting.

    The back office provided by Saucify is the top one. There, you will find all the tools needed for running a business. The operators will have access to the plethora of tools including various sections like marketing, affiliate, player management, fraud control, VIP manager, security management, player settings, and customization.

    In the end, we can say that Saucify is one of the top software providers for people who want to start their business in the gaming and casino industry, so make sure to check their services, as they will provide you with one of the best services.