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Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

Find all Post Affiliate Pro affiliate programs that use the PAP affiliate software and backend platform.

Post Affiliate Pro is a software which will give you complete solution for your online business.

It will offer you a wide range of tools in order to run your online affiliate company.

The software developer can help you with the promotion materials, reporting, tracking methods. types of commissions, and on top of that, you will get a complete customizable user interface.

Promotion Materials

Talking about the promotion materials, Post Affiliate Pro provides you with a plethora of banner types, some of them you won’t find with other software developers. These include rebranded PDFfiles, and replicated sites.


Post Affiliate Pro has multiple types of reports, giving you the opportunity to effectively track your affiliate program. Some of the types of reporting includes audit log, banner, campaign report, online users reports, etc…


This developer included several methods for tracking your campaigns, which puts them on the top of affiliate software providers for tracking in the market. Post Affiliate Pro supports all styles of affiliate links, it offers custom affiliate tracking code, direct links tracking, tracking sales in multiple currencies, and many more.

Types of Commissions

This software provider lets you define an unlimited number of campaigns, and tracking of various campaigns, and with just one installation, you would track campaigns on an unlimited number of websites and domains.

User Interface

Post Affiliate Pro gives you a 100% customizable user interface. It has customizable sign-up form, and affiliate panel customization.

Also, you can set up mass payment system, where you would be able to define an unlimited number of payment methods for your affiliates.

You would also be able to manage your affiliates with multiple merchant accounts in the same affiliate program.

And last,but not least, you can choose between several pre designed user interface themes, or create your own to suit your needs.

We truly believe that all of these mentioned above is more than enough to consider Post Affiliate Pro as your software provider for helping you in your future online gaming business.