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Oryx Gaming Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

Find all Oryx Gaming affiliate programs that use the Oryx Gaming affiliate software and backend platform.

Oryx Gaming is a company with offices in the US, Malta and Slovenia. It has 180 employees, and more than 50 clients, and 200 total operator brands as of writing this review.

The team of 20 nationalities has great experience in designing games, programming, marketing and sales.

Oryx Hub

Oryx Hub is a solution where with one contract and one integration, you’ll get access to casino content, sportsbook, and lottery. 

This is a completely scalable platform, and it can be integrated with operator wallets, which can cut your costs. You can also manage marketing for several game providers, and brands, using just one account.

Orix Gaming provides more than 8000 games from more than 80 reputable game providers. 

Oryx iGaming Platform

This platform enables you to have complete player overview, with advanced player segmentation.

With iGaming platform you will get a wide range of promotions, like free spins, cash bonuses, deposit bonuses, product specific bonuses, tournaments, ets… You can even offer promotions based on real time player action on a website, so players will stay engaged, motivated, and thus to stay longer on your website.

This platform is compliant with most major jurisdictions.

Oryx Gaming also offers a complete turnkey solution for it’s clients, where their dedicated team will take care from the beginning to the end, including taking care of your customers, and all marketing communication.

Turnkey solution would include hosting and security, KYC, payment and transactions management, customer support (chat, email, telephone), and risk and fraud management software. Also, it will take care of retention and conversion marketing campaigns, VIP marketing, and VIP management. 

Regarding the data analytics, the platform will manage and utilise a huge amount of data, and will get you sorted with periodic and per request in depth reports.

Oryx Gaming offers a complete suit of iGaming products, and having said that, we believe that is one of the software providers that are good companion for someone who wants to start online gaming business.