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Omarsys Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

Find all Omarsys affiliate programs that use the Omarsys affiliate software and backend platform.

Omarsys is a software development company based in Malta. It consists of a team of professionals in affiliate business.

The main features that Omarsys offers are safety, simplicity, reliability, and performance.

Safety at Omarsys

The company offers you to restrict which data users can access. That way, you can allow multiple users to access only the data they need to see. Also, all actions are audit logged for security purposes. It can be used for 3rd party auditing, or for internal use. Your data is fully secured by ACL/OAuth2 security features.

Simplicity at Omarsys

Omarsys has a very clean and responsive interface. It is accessible on any device, giving you the opportunity to get your data wherever you are. With the intelligent layout you can get all data needed immediately. 

Omarsys uses the same interface for both affiliates and affiliate managers, so there is no need for getting used to two or more interfaces. Also, there is a very dedicated team of affiliate managers to give you support from the beginning, so you’ll get the most of Omarsys software.

Reliability at Omarsys

Omarsys has plenty of rewards options, including revenue share, CPA, CPC, CPL, or even a flat fee. So whatever a client needs, they will have them covered.

From a single setup, at Omarsys clients can run multiple brands and products, so there is no need for several solutions.

The company has up to 10 levels of sub affiliation, and multi level marketing options.

With the booster setting offered by Omarsys, clients can setup additional bonus payments for their most active affiliates and partners.

Performance at Omarsys

Omarsys has plenty to offer to their clients regarding performance. This includes live traffic data, where clients can see how their campaign is performing, up to date customer data, where clients can react quickly in order to test or boost their campaign. Angular framework will help clients to access their data through a single page with the same quality wherever they access their data.

One of the options is a very important one, and it is an automated payment feature. With a single click you can pay your affiliates.

Background reporting is a feature that offer you to do other important tasks while the software generates a report for you, so no need to wait for a bigger reports, and waste your time.

All in all, Omarsys has plenty to offer and it would be a shame not to consider it as your partner in your future online business.