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CellXpert Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

Find all CellXpert affiliate programs that use the CellXpert affiliate software and backend platform.

CellXpert is the company founded in 2007, and it is located in Israel. It offers performance marketing software for advertisers.

Companies that use CellXpert software as their provider, can have complete control over their marketing assets, so their partners would be able to create and manage marketing campaigns with ease.

CellXpert is open to gaming, gambling, and financial markets, so they are able to offer a very flexible commission structure with multiple hybrid plans included.

Using this software provider, most affiliate programs have access to real-time tracking, so they can react quickly and optimize their online activities. Also, their fast interface can be of great help in terms of productivity.

Also with the independent SDK (software development kit), users of the CellXpert software are able to track all activities via their mobile devices.

Some of the most popular affiliates that use the CellXpert software are Sunny Affiliates, Smile Affiliates, and RockSolid Affiliates among others.

Maybe the most important thing is that CellXpert says it’s very proud of its online support. We have found many reviews from their users that are confirming that support is available 24/7, and that can help with almost any issue that you might have.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can always request a free demo of the software, so you can make sure that it suits your needs before you choose to purchase it. You’ll just have to fill in the contact form and the CellXpert will get to you with the demo as soon as possible.