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Visa Casinos

Find online casinos that accept Visa for depositing into your player account.

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If you’re someone who frequently plays casino games or makes purchases online, then you’re probably familiar with Visa. Starting out as a financial service that was launched by the Bank of America back in 1958, it has now become a company of its own with products and services designed to make it easier for consumers to not only send but also receive money. It should be noted though that the company doesn’t issue credit/debit cards or even extend credit to users. Rather it is a platform that banks and merchants as well as consumers use to make transactions faster and more secure.

Ease of Use/Security

In order to get a Visa credit/debit card, players will only need to apply for one from their bank of choice. Once their applications are approved (criteria for approval will depend on the bank), the banks will then send the players their cards as well as instructions on their activation and use. In order to use the cards for online purchases or deposits, players will need to make sure that the online merchant or casino that they’d like to transact with is using the Visa platform. It’s fairly easy to tell since sites that use this platform would also show the Visa logo on their payments page. Players/buyers will then need to input their credit/debit card (card holder name, credit card number, and security number) info to push through with the transaction.

Special Features

Now, the main concern that most people have with using their debit/credit cards for online purchases is security. Thankfully, there’s a special feature called Verified by Visa that is particularly effective in ensuring the security of the buyer/player’s financial information. With this security feature is activated, players won’t have to worry about anyone else using their credit card info. What’s great about this feature is that it’s actually supported by all online casinos and merchants that use the Visa platform. In addition, this feature is easy to activate and is completely free. Players/buyers who are using Visa credit/debit cards will just need to request their banks to activate this feature and they should be able to pay for their online casino deposits/purchases in a matter of minutes. Aside from Verified by Visa, there’s also Visa Checkout. This feature allows users to enter their credit card information only once and then use just one username and password for all of their future transactions.

Availability and Customer Service

Unlike most online payment solutions that are limited to certain regions/locations, Visa is available worldwide. So long as a bank issues Visa credit/debit cards, a player can always apply for one. Players who use credit/debit cards for online transactions will also have an easier time getting in touch with customer/technical support compared to players using alternative online payment solutions. Banks will usually have their own customer/technical support phone hotline available 24/7 to address issues or complaints from Visa credit/debit card users. In contrast, alternative payment solutions usually answer user complaints or issues through email or chat. There are some that have their hotlines but these are usually only available for certain regions.