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Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds

Scratchcards is becoming a popular online casino game. Today at Casino Bonuses Now we will be reviewing Scratch Card bonuses and bonus codes. You will find the most complete and detailed information with everything you must know scratch cards and different types of bonuses.

Even though Scratch Cards are often considered as side games for many real money online casinos, the facts are that many other casinos online focus mainly on these kinds of games, why? Because they are simple, relaxing, and directed at more casual players.  Online scratch card games are also available on most online bingo sites.

On this page, we aim to provide you with the best information about casinos online that have both Scratch card games and bonuses that match those casino games.

Online Scratch Card games are fun and easy to play. You just need to select the game that you want to play and click to do the simulation of scratching a card, and you are done, as simple as that. With online scratch card games, you will get a notification when you get a prize, so no more throwing away a winning card!

 About Scratch-Off Tickets

The name of this game tells everything about it as it is a virtual card with a hidden field (where the prizes go) that you click to reveal its content and find out if you have won or not. Scratch Cards are very popular games around the world and you can also find them under different names like “ Scratchies”, for example, if you are looking for them at a casino they are often under the “extra” “others” or “special” sections.

The scratch card game is very, very old. Their “ real live” version comes from a time before online casinos were a thing; the game was generally available at local shops and supermarkets, and you can still find them at local shops. Due to the popularity of Scratch Cards, it was almost a mandatory thing that they were added to the online gambling world.

5 Reasons to Play Online Scratch Cards

  1. Playing online will always be preferred to going to a local shop, a kiosk, or a supermarket just to buy a scratch card.
  2. Online bonuses are available, another difference between “live” scratch cards and online scratch cards, you can play using the casino bonuses.
  3. Scratch Card games are often the target of no-deposit bonuses or free-play bonuses.
  4. Many casinos include Scratch Card games as a 100% way towards fulfilling the wagering requirements of any bonus received (some games will give you 50%, 20%, 10%, or won’t give anything at all).
  5. Scratch Cards are easy and fun to play games that you should try at least once.

How do these Bonuses Work on Scratch Cards?

Generally, the bonuses associated with scratch cards are Free Bonuses or No Deposit Bonuses, this means that they are risk-free bonuses that allow you to play the game without using your own funds in the process. The results are that if you lose your net loss will be zero but, if you did win any prizes your winnings will be 100% yours.

Free bonuses or No deposit bonuses are also a great way of trying the casino games with no strings attached (other than the casino’s general terms and conditions).

How Often Can I Secure a Win?

To get the most wins possible, you must look into the game’s RTP (return to player). RTP is a percentage that defines the amount that any game pays back to the players after they have played a large number of games. For example, the average RTP for scratch card games is 95%. If you wager $100 on a scratch card game, you should get $95 back. You should also be aware that this number is calculated with a huge number of games (usually millions), but that is what makes these games so interesting.

For Scratch Cards, the odds of winning are about 1 in 2.5, so you can expect to win a prize every two or three cards. Nonetheless, we recommend you look out for games with the highest RTP percentage available,

Scratch Cards Variations

Right now you can find scratch-off tickets for almost anything: Animals, Nordic, Nature, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Select the game and “scratch” the card. You can also just tap on the scratch panel to just reveal the content of the card.

There are some scratch card games with a low cost per card and you could expect to get low prizes for this kind of game, but if you feel lucky, you could also try the higher-cost scratch card games and you might hit the jackpot, at the end it all depends on your mood and the way you like to play these games.

Terms and Rules for Scratch Card Bonuses

Before claiming any bonus at any casino you should be aware of some terminology and rules that are often applied to any kind of bonus (unless specified). Below is a list of the most used terminology:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Cashout Limits
  • Cashing out bonus
  • Bonus Code


Scratch Cards are relaxing and a fun way to pass the time with a strong chance of winning big, your odds are much higher than other casino games. If you are interested in playing choose one of our recommended casinos and start playing.

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