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Why you should record yourself while playing online casino games

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

However there is still some disconcert about online casino games as many people still believe that the games are rigged in order to make the casino win most of the time or to make getting a jackpot or a big prize on a game an impossible task. So it makes sense that people keep asking are online casino games rigged.

We have talked about this subject in other reviews, but the resumed information is that casino games are not rigged at all, first because a casino needs to overcome a series of difficult test in order to have a valid gaming license and second because online casinos, rather than winning all the times, could make more profit with fair games than with rigged ones.

This does not mean that there are some online places that want to take and advantage of incautious players and make them play games that are simply impossible to win, in order to avoid this scam you should always play on trustworthy casinos or at least check that the casino holds a valid gambling license.

If you still think that an online casino game is rigged and therefore, the casino is trying to scam you with their games, then you should keep a record of every time you play. Even if most online casinos really are safe places with decent casino player Terms and Conditions, the truth is that not all casinos are known by their fairness.

Many of them use complicated terms and conditions in order to “retain” or “negate” a player’s payment; many online players have complain about a certain number of casinos doing this kind of scam that works this way:

First you win a big prize at the casino (it just needs to be big, we are not only talking about jackpots) then, the casino will retain your money because they have to confirm some information before giving the money to you, everything is ok until now; then the casino will claim that you cheated on the game or that you somehow broke a rule of their terms and conditions and that all money that you fairly won they won’t give it to you, on the best case scenario you just lose the money; on the worst you get your account closed and all your progress in the casino gets lost with it.

But you should know that this is a very unlikely case scenario were you find yourself on a casino like this. Most of the time Casinos and even the companies that develop the games make a living out of their reputation, so making or promotion a rigged game could lead to a total bankruptcy (specially for the casino) and it is not worth the risk at all.

In fact there are even special testing agencies that dedicate their efforts to keep online casino games free of any kind of scam. But getting back to the point, if you want to avoid any kind of scam, misunderstanding or you just want to keep a record of your gaming history (on the case where the casino does not provide you with this information already) you should definitely record yourself while playing.

The most important part of recording yourself is that at the end of the day, if some casino or some game dears to be rigged (this can be done by just messing with the game’s algorithm or with the game’s RTP values) you will have irrefutable proofs that the game was rigged and the win was simply stolen from you.

Of course, just recording yourself won’t mean that you are somehow “bullet proof” as casinos could just not listen to what you have to say, but at least you have something to support your story in case that you decide (and you should do it) to go to the correspondent authorities to report the situation.

Regarding this matter there was a huge scandal back in 2017 that involved the BetOnline Casino and a live blackjack game, where a professional blackjack player recorded a session where the casino used a scam known as “second dealing”; this scam consist on dealing the second card of the deck instead of the top card in order to cheat the game.

Of course, this example gets worst if you consider that the scam happened on a live blackjack bonus game rather than any other regular game because there is the dealer involved on the scam and finding who is guilty between the dealer, the casino or both is rather complicated.

But just imagine for a second that you are playing an online game at your favorite casino, you are about to win a big prize or just a considerable amount of money and suddenly you notice something strange and a won game becomes a lost, how would you feel on this kind of situation? Of course, depending on the amount of money that you just unfairly lost, you can be mad or choleric; this kind of situations can be prevented, yet not avoided, by just recording yourself while you play online games of any kind.

record casinos with Loom

Another great hypothetical scenario is with a tournament example: imagine that you are on a final or on an important matchup, and you notice that another player is getting curiously “lucky” and he makes a devastating victory against you and other member of the table, how will you prove that this man somehow cheated both the casino and the players in the table without a record of the playthrough?

Even if you get cheated (by the game or by the house) if you don’t provide any kind of prove at the end of the day it will be your word against them, and trust us, it is very unlikely that someone would believe that a “respectable” casino just cheated on a player that lost a lot of money.

Recording yourself while playing is a very easy task nowadays, if you are playing on any mobile device like a tablet or a phone, you should definitely have an option to record your screen, this will give you the audio and video proofs that you need without having to download any additional software.

On the other hand, if you are playing on your computer (as most players do), then you should download a screen record software to help you with this task. Below is a list with 11 amazing and free screen recorders for all operating systems (windows, Linux and mac):

  • Filmora: Available for windows and Mac devices.
  • QuickTime Studio: Available for Mac devices (incorporated with the operative system).
  • Captur: Available for Mac devices only.
  • Jing: Available for Mac devices only.
  • OBS Studio: Available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices.
  • Apowersoft: Available for Available for Windows, Mac and Linux (only on browser) devices.
  • Screencast-O-Matic: Available for Windows, Mac and Chrome (in Browser) devices.
  • FlashBack Express: Available only for Windows devices.
  • Debut: Available only for Windows devices.
  • ShareX: Available only for Windows devices.
  • Loom: Available via Google Chrome extension. Desktop version available only for Windows devices and an App on the IOS app store for apple devices.

The online world can be a wonderful place, but let’s not forget that there are always people that want to ruin the other’s fun, so it is highly recommendable that you take all possible measures to avoid getting scam or being a part of a rigged game; in order to avoid playing in casinos that are not trustworthy at all we recommend that you always make a background check before joining (or even making a deposit) at an online casino, that you always check if they have a valid gambling license and to record yourself while playing if this is between your possibilities.

At the end of the game online casino games are all about the fun and you should have fun while you play them on a responsible way.

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