Trustly Casino Payment Method

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by Bailey Haun

Trustly History

Trusly also boasts of having Facebook, Groupon, and even PayPal among its clients and partners. In addition, this relatively new online payments processing platform has features and customer support that are comparable (and in some cases, better) to that of its more established competitors. So, how do you get started with this platform then?

Ease of Use and Security at Online Casinos

Unlike most online payment processing solutions, Trustly does away with credit/debit card integration. In fact, players can even use it without having to register for an account. If a player opts to use Trustly (provided that the online casino supports it) then all he/she needs to do is log in to his/her bank and choose the account that he/she would like to get funds. Once the player confirms the transaction, the money will be automatically transferred to his/her online casino account. Now, most people would probably say that this seems dangerous. However, it’s actually extremely secure. Aside from using SSL encryption for all transactions, the platform also doesn’t save the players’ bank log-in details. The platform is even regulated by the most trusted banking regulatory body in Sweden, the Swedish FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority). In terms of ease of use and security, there’s really no other online payment solutions provider that can top Trustly’s offering.

Availability and Customer Service

Perhaps the only drawback of the Trustly platform is its availability. As of now, it’s only available to residents of 52 different banks across 29 European countries. Players can still use the service provided that they have bank accounts in any of the countries (Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, and many more) that are supported by the platform. As a result of this, currencies that can be used on this platform are also limited to that of the online casino (or merchant/store) that the player is trying to transact with. Other than the limited availability and currency support though, there aren’t really many issues with Trustly. Thanks to the stable and secure nature of the platform, players don’t usually get to encounter any kind of issues or bugs when using it. And even if players come across any kind of issue with the platform, they can always expect to receive more than adequate technical/customer support assistance from the company.


There’s no doubt that Trustly is a great platform for players who want to transact with their online casinos in a secure and convenient manner. The fact that there are a million transactions on this Swedish FSA-regulated platform per month also serves to highlight how secure it is. In terms of convenience, players would have no need to remember additional usernames, passwords, or PINs since they’ll only need their bank accounts’ login details to start using the service. Betsson, SuperLenny, Jetbull, Tivoli Casino, and Betspin are just some of the popular online and mobile casinos that currently support transactions through this secure service.

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