Laser Online Casino Payment Method

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

Well, the main purpose of the Laser Card was to process transactions quicker than when using other cards. In addition to that, Laser offered even better security so the users could feel more confident and calm at the moment of paying with their debit card.

The Laser Debit Card was available to the residents in Ireland only. It used to be considered a kind of electronic check option for both, the banks and the customers.

Another incredible feature of Laser was the fact that the users were able to access the deposited funds on the card through ATMs, making it one of the most convenient debit cards and payment methods that were available at the time it was released.

The Laser Debit Card rose in popularity and reputation over the years and in 2010, it reached its peak, accumulating more than $200.000.000 in transactions. The card did not get any more popular due to the fact that it was never available for users outside of Ireland. That was up until Laser partnered up with Maestro so that international users could get a hold of this intriguing Debit Card.

Soon after, Laser made the step into the internet and became an online payment method. However, this debit card did not become one of the most used payment methods in the world. The Laser Debit Card can still be used on certain gambling sites and E-commerce sites. But, you must keep in mind that the banks are issuing fewer Laser cards every year.

The downfall in popularity that Laser has suffered is not caused by a lack of features or possibilities. The main reason why this card has not gotten the popularity it deserves is simply that new payment methods are created every single day, methods that do not require the users to have a bank account.

There are cryptocurrencies, E-wallets, and other payment methods available to users worldwide. All of them offer incredible conversion rates and financial features that obviously, make the users forget about requesting a Laser card.

How Laser Works

As it was mentioned before, Laser is a debit card. Therefore, in order for you to get one, you have to be an account holder in any of the banks that issue this type of card. Once you have gotten your Laser card, you are able to make transactions with the funds you have in it. You can receive payments and send payments as well.

To use your Laser card, you have to access your bank’s website and enter your Laser card’s balance. Once there, you are able to make the transactions. As is usual with credit and debit cards, the transactions tend to take some time to be processed. It may take from 3 to 7 business days.

There is no possibility to decrease the number of days Laser takes to process your transactions. Some of the factors to take into account to determine how long it takes for your transaction to be processed are country of residence, country of residence of the recipient and the day you made the transaction.

How to Make Deposits on Online Casinos Using Laser

First off, you have to check whether Laser is available on the online casino of your preference or not. Once checked, you can go ahead to the cashier section of the casino and choose Laser as your depositing method.

Since Laser has partnered with Maestro and MasterCard, sometimes it may be possible that you will see their partners’ logos instead of their own.

Once chosen, you will be asked to choose the amount of money you want to deposit. After that, you will be taken to your bank’s site where you will confirm the desired deposit.

Your deposit will be processed instantly with no extra fees charged by Laser in any way.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings From Online Casinos Using Laser

To withdraw your well-deserved earnings from an online casino using Laser, all you have to do is choose Laser as your withdrawal method.

Once chosen, you will be asked to provide all of the financial information necessary for the casino to process the payment. It is common for online casinos to request some identity verification before making a withdrawal for the first time.

If you have already verified your identity, your online casino will tell you that your payment will be processed soon.

As it is common when using credit and debit cards as withdrawal methods, your payment will not be processed instantly. It normally takes from 3 to 7 business days to receive the payment sent by the online casino. Some additional fees may be charged by either Laser or the online casino.






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