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Why Online Casinos don’t use download software anymore

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

If you are a veteran on the online casino world, or even if you are an enthusiast about online casinos news, you will notice that there was a time where almost every online casino offered a download version of the casino, and app on both Google and IOS stores and, in some cases, they offered both of these options.

But, right now there are less and less casinos that offer a casino download or even consider spending their money in order to create an app or a download version of the casino also known as a desktop app. Most online casinos, especially the newest released ones, offer only a no download version that can be played on any valid we browser, like, for example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Of course, online casinos know that most players would like to enjoy all the benefits of online gambling on the palm of their hands, and because of that, game developers and online casinos always make sure that most of their games can be played on any available device that uses a valid we browser as we have mentioned before.

Nowadays Online casinos are relying more on “the cloud” services rather than they do on download files, and, even if this is surprising, it is actually a very accurate decision when you compare the benefits and the cost of making an app against optimizing games and websites to be compatible with all kind of devices and operating systems.

iOS and Android casino apps are disappearing

Making an app or a download version of the casino is not an easy task, not only because making an app for phones or tablets is a literally “pain in the ass” but rather because it can bring a lot of compatibility issues if you consider the different specifications, resources and operative system that are available on the market to the date.

If you only focus on Android devices, Apple devices and Xiaomi Redmi devices, then you will see that making apps for all of these “markets” needs comes with a high prize of money, time and work and the rewards are not as big as you would think, especially if you add software updates to the formula. Overall more casinos are finding markets like iOS to be difficult as Apple often will kick a company out of their store for any reason including not wanting to be associated with online gambling.

With this in mind every casino out there would rather invest their time and money on a better way of offering online services like a better system or faster buffering times, than developing an app that will give them more troubles that earnings.

It is easier (compared to developing an app) for a casino, and even for game developer companies, to create a mobile friendly game or website that you can open and play on any device (phone, tablet or computer) that uses one of the already mentioned web browsers rather than creating an app for each operative system available (here will be also included windows for computers).

Additionally to the difficulties than developing an app represents, there is another concern for online casinos, and that is that since 2017 the IOS app store and the Google Play store have been banning more and more online casinos gaming apps in order to make their safety policies even stronger, as you should know many countries ban any form of gambling, others only ban online gambling while others have a position when they don’t literally say that online gambling is illegal but you cannot find any casinos licensed or regulated by any government laws.

So, you must add now a legal impediment to the creation of an app than can be available on a reliable store like the IOS app store or Google Play. In order to avoid any legal problems, casinos, as we already mentioned on this review, prefer to avoid any loses and just keep their services entirely online.

Here on Casino Bonuses Now we know that having a download version of the casino or even an app on your phone represented a great advantage, but that’s a story from the past.

Even if the benefits from playing on a casino downloadable version of the casino where great, as you could have a faster game by not relying on your internet connection and you could also get games with better graphics and sounds, the reality today (in terms of cost and production) is that online casinos are investing less money in having better servers, games and cloud storage while they offer you the same benefits and even more. You can see this as a win-win deal for both online casinos and players.

You could even think that the downside or the bad news about this change is that you will need to always be connected to the internet in order to play any games from your favorite casino, and, even if this is true, the reality is that even with some casino apps you would still need an internet connection in order to play.

On the other hand; by playing an online casino game on your browser you will not only have the chance to play any games without needing to wait for any updates to download, but you will also save space on your device while maintaining the same game quality that you are used to have.

So, as you can see, online gambling through a web browser represents an opportunity of having more and better games without any apps consuming the space of your phone and bothering you with updates and with cero compatibility issues.

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