What is Polymath Cryptocurrency?

July, 24, 2018 4 years ago


The revolution of technology in the last century has made us realize that like in the 80s movies that it taking its course. And that we could possibly have flying cars.

But has this only advanced in engineering or in medicine? No, it isn’t like that we have found that the revolution in the world of the economy and the new ways of obtaining profits as what the cryptocurrency which is a virtual currency that the major has had and that receives comfort and security to its consumers.

Every moment the human being seeks to innovate with new projects that can make a better future, an example of this is the polymath, a tool that allows companies to take control of their movements with a programmable code of security. 

Tokens are devices that restrict access to certain people, create a security field in which only the people involved can access the medium, liken when you use your password to access any Social Media site. These are not only revolutionaries because we have been using them from the past banking institutions to verify that their consumers are who they say they are.

Therefore the device they offer us is called ST20, a new standard that meets government requirements. For this, a list of investors, electronic consumers with authorized virtual wallets that can use the ST20 tokens were created, creating a control for this device that is not easily accessible due to the requirements that are needed. The vision is to ensure that everyone has access to this band and being restricted with its legal implications will not fall into the wrong hands

Polymath is a company that has a specialized staff with issuers, legal delegates, smart contract developers, KYC verification and a decentralized exchange. Two types of unregulated assets, such as bitcoin and ethereum, to which a large part of the population can access without greater requirements and the mission of polymath than traditional financial assets and which need to be regulated, are better understood.

The goal is to create a project with an enveloping ecosystem, with a protocol of verified investors to buy and market the product of tokenized securities; it is like investors with their shares and venture capital funds. With what you want to create it will not seem or become in many ways what we know today as the cryptocurrency. This is like a walled garden that uses certain digital gears protecting his plants

There are many things that we still can’t understand, especially for those who are not tech-savvy and think the use of a social network it’s complicated for them, but for a millennial, it is something as simple as to pick up the phone and make a call. But this world will not wait for them and each change it´s just one step to growing in the field of virtual currency undoubtedly already heard in the mouths of many.

‘’digital currency is going to be a very powerful thing’’

~John Donahoe

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