Top Gambling Movies of All Time

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds

Gambling aficionados often enjoy watching casino-related movies to explore different facets of the games and get a better insight into what is happening behind the scenes. The best movies of the genre capture the buzz, uncertainty, and undisputable excitement of the industry. If you are looking for some inspiration for a casino-themed movie night at home, here is a list of some of the best gambling movies of all time.

Casino Royale - Texas Hold’em Made Better Drama

The iconic movie stars Daniel Craig as secret agent James Bond. It offers an interesting overview of compulsive gambling. Given the growing popularity of online casino games in recent years, the movie seems more relevant than ever, despite its age. James Bond is portrayed as a daring gambler given a dangerous assassination mission. Some of the scenes in the movie were adapted after Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale” novel in 1953. The screenwriters decided to replace the game of baccarat in the book with three rounds of Texas Hold’em. They did this because they believed poker would create more drama. Also, at the time the movie was filmed, the game was going through a massive boom worldwide.

Molly’s Game - Exploring the Underground World of Casinos

Former skiing champion Molly Bloom is at the center of this excellent gambling-themed movie. Her memoir has been used precisely because it included an interesting discussion about her unexpected passion for playing underground poker. The movie gives viewers a sneak peek into the universe of illegal games, presenting the thrilling action and numerous drawbacks. Molly’s Game displays fast-paced high-stake games, mesmerizing tricks, and eye-catching characters that can only be usually found in the underground. It is an excellent way of emphasizing the disadvantages of illegal casinos. If you like to engage in online casino slots using your favorite payment options, we warmly recommend you always check the responsible gambling tools provided by top casinos recommended by us and only join licensed casinos.

21 - a Movie for Blackjack Aficionados

The movie was inspired by the “Bringing Down the House” novel. It is another excellent casino-themed movie worth watching. It introduces viewers to Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), an MIT student who finds out about card counting from one of his professors, Micky Risa. Micky decides to form a secret gambling club focusing on card counting in blackjack. The card counting team makes a lot of money at the local casinos they visit. When Campbell meets Cole Williams, an old sworn enemy, things take a different turn. Cole is set to seek revenge on the professor. His actions eventually lead to the secret gambling club falling apart. The movie was filmed in Las Vegas, making the experience even more authentic.

Ocean’s Eleven - a Must-Watch Movie for Gaming Fans

Also filmed in Sin City, the movie touches on a series of sensitive topics related to gambling addiction. While the winners of most of the gambling scenes are not even shown, the movie makes it pretty obvious that George Clooney’s character Danny Ocean loses around 25 blackjack hands.

Ocean gets out of prison and immediately violates the terms of his parole to go to California and visit his friend and crime buddy Rusty Ryan played by Brad Pitt. Together, they hit the streets of Vegas, gather the rest of the team, and plan a series of robberies targeting the biggest three casinos in the city: the Mirage, the Bellagio, and the MGM Grand casino. The Bellagio vault presents a lot of interest. The experienced crooks know that the Nevada Gaming Commission requires all casinos to have sufficient cash to cover all patrons' bets. They predict the Bellagio would have over $150 million on the night of a highly anticipated boxing match and they plan the heist. The movie is packed with humor, suspense, action, and plenty of drama.

Croupier - Discover Gaming Through a dealer’s Eyes

The movie introduces viewers to the story of Jack Manfred, a live casino dealer convinced one either needs to be a gambler or a croupier in life. The nature of his job allows him to get close to notice and explore both sides of the coin. He is constantly in touch with both the people in charge in the industry, as well as simple bettors. While he does not personally gamble, many of his life choices resemble different steps of gambling. The movie suggests he may have been a gambler in the past, following in his father’s footsteps. The movie is full of metaphors referring to the gambling patterns in his normal life that he is still having trouble breaking.

Runner Runner - Why Licenses Are Crucial in the World of Online Casinos

The movie stars Justin Timberlake as Richie Furst, a student who decides to rely on his online poker winnings to cover his school tuition. Eventually, Richie was cheated on and decides to confront the online site in person. The captivating movie captures the risks associated with online gambling at illegal casinos that are not licensed and authorized. It also showcases the advantages of playing at safe online casinos, while carrying viewers into the universe of brick-and-mortar casino gaming.

These are a few of the most memorable casino-themed movies of all time. However, the list is not comprehensive, as dozens of other gambling-inspired movies are waiting to be explored. Pick your favorite next time you want a break from online gambling and enjoy!

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