Stephen Hawking is a gambler, loses $100 bet

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun
Stephen_Hawking Stephen Hawking admits to gambling although it is not suspected he has a gambling problem. The news and proof about him as a gambler comes as the God particle was discovered and it seems he bet $100 that it wouldn't be discovered or at least, not in his lifetime. This clearly was a silly bet on his part unless he had the $100 in his pocket first from the other bettor. Assuming he didn't, this was a negative EV bet and is something that professional gamblers would challenge the intelligence of Stephen. He is a celebrity and you can add him to our list of celebrities who gamble. Hawking made the $100 bet about 4 years ago and is well documented in this bbc article: He claims that CERN won't find the Higgs Boson particle that is thought to relate to the big bang theory. Nobody knows what programs exist on Stephen Hawking's computer but it could be littered with many online casinos. He probably isn't a slots player unless he is really bored and doesn't want to think, then the mindless spinning of the reels is something he could be doing in his past time while he's not out solving the world's problems. Although bets in England are usually reserved for licensed bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes, it appears he won't be charged with illegal gambling. However is Stephen was to gamble online, we expect that he would probably enjoy the $60 no deposit bonus at Highnoon Casino. Other links of Interest:

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