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Online Casinos Booming on Italy due to Lockdown

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

Since the lockdown due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) on Italy the sports betting market has been really slow or non existent at all since almost all the national and now international sports are suspended until further notice however the online casinos, bingos and poker sites are rising up with huge numbers.

We can clearly see now that the lack of sports and other betting events and the lockdown situation in all over Europe now and with all the people staying at home, all the major sport books websites are going to have huge loses unless they add slot games or casino games to their website or this virus situation goes away but the best prognostic says that this corona virus situation is going to last for a year or so, however the online casinos that provides slot games, table games, Poker, Blackjack, Bacarat, Bingo websites and poker websites like the famous PokerStars are having huge profits with this perfect environment since now all the gamblers with no entertaining sports or other events have turn into online casinos which they don’t need to rely on the promotions, bonuses or tournaments to much now.

Evidence shows that online casinos are getting up to 21% in more revenues in most of the cases and on top of that online casinos might benefit too from the Italian government decision of waiving the taxes for the casinos, bingo halls and sport books. The Italian government has approved the decree since 16th of March in which they state that licenses fees and retail taxes dates have been postponed until 2 months or more in way to contrast the effects of the lockdown and avoid bankruptcies of the casinos and bingo halls and some online websites, however is still unclear which kind of websites, casinos or poker sites might benefit from this decree, but this time of grace will surely help the all the gaming industry on the country so they don’t have so many loses and people can save their jobs.

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