Can I make money from no deposit bonuses and free spins?

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun
buisness_plan_1 Question: Are there really online casinos that offer free cash to play with and are these legit? These casinos giving free spins and no deposit bonuses seem too good to be true so there's got to be a catch right? I want to try these out but I am worried that they won't pay me if I do win and it's just a trap to get players to signup. Answer: If you do want to collect free cash bonuses, they do exist and it is possible to profit from them. These offers come in the form of either free spins or no deposit bonuses. With free spins, you are playing always on slots and it's a set number of free spins usually at a specified bet amount and you see what you can win. No deposit you start with a cash amount in your currency like $25 or $50 and you are usually restricted to slot games only. You can bet whatever amount you want to.

How do these free spins and no-deposit bonuses work?

All of these casinos giving out these offers almost always have a maximum cashout or max win amount along with wagering requirements. So if your free spins or no deposit bonus got you a $50k win, quite often you'll be able to only withdraw a limit of $50 or $100. All places require you to make a deposit before you can withdraw, even if it is to deposit the minimum amount like $20, it is a standard requirement and you'll be required to submit KYC documents. KYC documents mean proof to identity and residence so you'll be asked for usually some type of photo ID and usually some type of bill or statement that shows your current address. Any casino that asks for anything further like notarized documents should probably be avoided if they do this without a valid reason. 

Free spins and no deposit bonuses, What's the catch?

It is understandable for people to question if these are real but they are. For every 20 players that sign up for these offers, maybe one will win and they'll usually get players on their site that they didn't have before so it is their promotional cost. As a player, you have maybe 100 to 200 casinos that you can claim these offers and if you play enough of them, you will be able to withdraw. There are some casinos that will find any excuse to ban your account if you do win or they will slowly pay you hoping you'll go away or just wager your winnings. A site that does this should be avoided as if you had won a big jackpot with your deposited money, you'll want to make sure you'll be getting paid.

Tips and Best Practices for claiming free cash bonuses

Follow these tips so you get the best out of these bonuses and casinos
  1. Always ask live chat to confirm the terms and conditions of the bonus, and ensure you copy the conversation as text or better as a screenshot just to protect yourself.
  2. Scan your ID and a utility bill showing your name and address and ensure the date of the bill is within 3 months. You'll want to have these on hand to send quickly as all casinos require identification documents before you can cash out. Otherwise, your withdrawal will be delayed if you don't have these ready.
  3. When you win, ask live chat before you withdraw to ensure you have fulfilled the terms and conditions of the bonus. If you haven't and you withdraw, many casinos can void your winnings or they will delay and tell you to wager more.

How are our bonuses different from other sites that list bonuses?

Some sites will list bonuses for places that have a poor history of treating players badly. We know there are well over 1000 casinos to play at so at CBN we don't need to list every single bonus possible. Our listings are offers presented from brands that we are at least willing to advertise in one form or another. If a casino gets a not recommended or blacklisted status then either we'll remove the bonus completely or we won't connect you to their casino. Check these Awesome Pages: Free Spins Bonuses Exclusive Bonuses Leading Casinos 

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