Japanese Casinos are Ahead of the Game

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun
Japanese_Casinos Despite the undeniable popularity of Japan’s online gambling scene, the market is still considerably untapped. Japan’s market is estimated to make $8 billion every year. As one of the world’s largest online gambling markets, behind Macau and Nevada, these figures definitely make sense. What’s impressive about the online gambling market in Japan is that it can generate this much revenue despite the restrictions that have been put in place by the government. Case in point, online casino gaming platforms in Japan are only allowed to offer socially acceptable games. Examples include online horse races, bicycle, and motorbike races, as well as lotteries. To find out more about how Japanese casinos are ahead of the game, read this review of casino-X from Manekineticocasino.com.

Online Casinos in Japan to Check Out

Because the government put restrictions in place earlier on, all online casinos in Japan check out. Additionally, the virtual gaming scene is not overly crowded, leaving the playfield to lottery and betting sites. Each gambling site you visit in Japan is legitimate and in compliance with the country’s gambling laws. As you explore the Japanese casino gaming scene, it’s good to know what to look out for. You want to play on a reliable online gambling site that caters to your betting needs.  After all, in every marketplace, there is always a madman; you don’t want to be the one to fall victim to a fraudulent site. Here are factors to consider when testing the waters in Japan’s casino gaming scene;
  • The site should offer a wide selection of games, bonus offers, as well as other perks.
  • The register bonus should not have unnecessary conditions attached to it.
  • There should be VIP and loyalty programs that aim to retain players.
  • The customer service should be around the clock and easy to access.

Offers on Japanese Online Gambling Sites 

Each online gambling website in Japan offers a unique set of bonuses and perks to players. They are targeted to new as well as regular gamblers to encourage them to stay and ensure they have a fulfilling gambling experience. The offers you have access to should not require you to deposit money before you can enjoy them. Manekineticocasino.com is one such gaming platform that not only gives you registration bonuses but deposit bonuses as well. If you want to find out more about their offers, be sure to check out their site. Any player who has explored Manekineticocasino.com will tell you that the terms are favorable, and the wagering requirements ensure players win fair and square. The minute you sign up for the site, your no-deposit bonus gets automatically credited to your account. A first deposit can receive a welcome bonus to ensure you enjoy longer playing time. You can also expect free spin courses as a new registrant. All the popular slots on Manekineticocasino.com come with free spins to ensure you get the most from your gaming session. Each Japanese online casino is known for its attractive bonuses, just like Manekineticocasino.com. However, conducting due diligence ahead of a sign-up ensures you choose a site that caters to your gambling needs. After all, gamblers are not the same, and what works for others might not be what you need.

What to Expect from Online Casinos in Japan

Even though the Japanese Casino industry is still in its infant stage, online gambling platforms are very generous. Sites like Manekineticocasino.com ensure that players have a fulfilling gambling experience. Their bonuses and perks allow you to enjoy several games without touching your money. Many gamblers are now trying out the Japanese gambling world because most of their casinos check out. While it might be too early to judge or celebrate, things are looking good. So far, the offers on Japanese online casinos are effective and transparent so what you see is what you get. For now, all we can do is wait and see just how many people the industry will draw in. It is safe to say that as the market progresses, casino operators will come up with better offers to keep gamblers interested. If all pans out as anticipated, Japanese casinos will stay ahead for the long haul.


Gambling is one of the leisure activities governments cannot successfully phase out. Rather than completely banning casinos, governments should go the Japanese way. Laying restrictions works better at curbing gambling addiction than completely banning casinos because people will always find illegal ways to indulge. The way Japan went about things obviously works because their casinos are already ahead of the game even though the industry is still in its infant stage.

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