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Handy tricks to snatch the best Free Spin bonuses

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

We at Casino Bonuses Now decided to take advantage of the Christmas season and how, just for this month, you’ll probably find an increase in bonuses offered to new players so, we’re here for you to make sure you understand the tropes that come with claiming these bonuses and that you understand how to properly cash in on them.

Free spins bonuses are one of the most common if not THE most common casino bonuses that you’ll see around when searching for that ideal casino gaming experience. These types of bonuses among many offered by casinos will net you the chance to play games, try out new platforms, and even make some real money without even risking a dime in the first place.

It’s true when we say that there are innumerable amounts of bonuses and promotions that apply exclusively to free spins, and it’s also safe to say that it would be impossible to try them all out in a single lifetime in order to actually tell which of them are the bests out there.

However, there are a few handy tricks that you could keep at the top of your head that will help you choose that perfect bonus for you.

All you need to do is follow a set strategy that, if all bullet points are met, you’re certainly in for an amazing, and even possibly profitable, experience. The key factor here is the diverse elements that generally conform the bonus:

  • Wagering requirements:
    Wagering requirements are straight up the most important thing when choosing a bonus, in this case, you should always look out for bonuses with wagering requirements around 30x to 40x the original bonus; if the requirement is above those parameters then it’s not that good of an offer, adding to that, the bonus might ask you to apply a first deposit as a requirement. If these two conditions are present it would probably be best to pass that offer up.
  • Free spins according to value per spin:
    This is usually determined by how much is each spin worth in relation to the worth of the bonus. Usually, this value is around $0.10 per spin, any value above that is a great advantage meaning that you’ll get more of your money’s worth out of your deposits. Any value below that will only be worth it if the free spins bonus is north of 150 spins.
  • Wining restrictions: As you would know, these bonuses usually apply limitations to the amount of money that you can earn with them. It’s simple, find the bonuses that have no limitations or at the very least, the ones with the highest thresholds.
  • Games:
    Naturally, these bonuses should lead the player to very specific games. The important thing is to make sure that it’s a game with a high return value to the player or RTP as it’s technically known. Look out for high volatility also as it will generate the most amount of combo multipliers with the least amount of tries.
  • Expiration date:
    In spite of the fact that most of these offers will come without expiry limits, once you take the offer, the casino will enforce you to use the spins within a certain amount of time. Keep into consideration that those that present no time limits or allow you the biggest amount of time to be fully claimed are the best offers.
  • Offers by batch:
    Many of these offers that tend to go big with 100 spins or more, usually are not given to a single player in one go but are instead spread out across an estimated time to 1 or more players depending on the offer. Say, you earn 100 spins that are distributed as 20 spins for 5 days, and then you are required to visit the casino daily in order to claim that day’s batch. Always prioritize bonuses that give you all of your free spins instantly, while also keeping note of those that spread it out if it’s a good amount of spins.

Make sure to keep all of these points fresh on your mind when browsing for the best bonuses that you set yourself to find. You’ll surely have a good time and even win some real money in the process.

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