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Guide to casino live chat, Facebook and Twitter

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

Do you really need a guide to using casino live chat, Facebook, and Twitter and what can you learn about a casino from it? Well, we think you could gain a few tips and use them as your own litmus test on what type of casino you are dealing with. Your experience or lack thereof with a casino’s live chat support is going to be a glimpse of what that casino is all about. Also just like live support, if a casino doesn’t have it, do pay attention if a casino also is not on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Casinos you can group into 3 categories

  1. Casinos without LiveChat
  2. Casinos with unfriendly or unhelpful live chat
  3. Casinos with excellent customer service

Casinos without live chat

Now there are a few quality casinos that don’t happen to have live chat so you can’t always judge a book by its cover however there are many lower-quality casinos that don’t have any form of live chat at all. Naturally, we are annoyed when a top-rated casino offers excellent email support but won’t extend that to ready-to-go live agents.

Casinos with unfriendly or unhelpful live chat

Now when a casino only offers email support, we still expect a certain level of support with courteous staff. They don’t need to be over-the-top friendly but certainly, nobody likes to tolerate rude help. Now some agents are probably sitting in an office and bored. They get the same type of requests and complaints all day long and they probably endure some terrible players as well that are abusive towards the casino’s support staff. So sometimes when you are asking for help, an agent might reply by saying it is on the website and often the information might not even be on the website. When you get rude service, it makes you not want to even bother staying with the casino.

Casinos with excellent customer service

Of course, when you find a casino with good CSR, it makes you happy and trusts the place. Usually, the top rated casinos will go the extra mile in making sure that the quality of service of their support is one of the best.

Casinos on Facebook

If a casino is on Facebook, it is another communication tool with them but also a means of feedback. If you have an urgent problem with that casino, the last thing they want to see is a complaint posted on their wall. Now some might have Facebook technically but are just not using it. So check if a casino you are looking at is visible on social media and check their account. Also when you know the casino is a quality site, like their page, and whenever they post a promotion, you’ll be one of the first to know about it assuming you don’t get their emails as they often end up in spam.

Casinos on Twitter

Many casinos use Twitter for the sake of being on social media. They might tweet their promotions and not be more original than that. Remember any player complaining on Twitter can complain openly about a brand using their username or hashtag. This will get the attention of the best online casinos that have people actively monitoring their brand name on social media. If you use Twitter a lot you can also follow that casino’s account to get their promotions and contests.

When in doubt, select from our Leading Casinos list

We group the best casinos into our Leading Casinos award and category. Customer support is one of our criteria for a casino to make it to this list.
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