Gambling Problem Guide

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds
Problem_guide To learn more about problem gambling, visit our responsible gambling page. If you want to quit gambling online we recommend a tool for blocking online gambling sites called betblocker which you can learn more at

If you have a gambling problem then this guide should help you quit gambling for good. Get the help you need and join a local support group.

It isn’t often that you hear about people having problems with gambling but this article will review some things you can do to identify if you have a gambling problem and what resources are available to all types of players whether it’s a casino, poker, sports betting, bingo and in the brick & mortar casinos or even online. This article will also provide some tips for people who have been in similar situations whether it was quitting gambling, smoking, drinking, drugs, or some other bad habit that is preventing you from getting the most out of life. First, let’s look at the public resources available to most people. There are a few websites that are dedicated to problem gambling. The one that most people have heard of course is Gamblers Anonymous. Their website is According to the Wikipedia page for gamblers, anonymous 1.6% of Americans have a problem with gambling. This could also include video lottery terminals along with lottery tickets. There are many individual GA groups located throughout the world with many countries having their own subgroup within the Gamblers Anonymous group. Another resource for people addicted to gambling and who want to quit is called Although the website is UK-based it still has useful information and a support network. Players can make a phone call to the UK, join the forum or go on the chat board. This helps players get back on track if they can find resources like this and share their experiences with others. Quitting something as difficult as say smoking, drinking, or gambling the first thing most people have to do is admit there is a problem and acknowledge to friends and family they are trying to stop. This is helpful in many ways in that it lets others know you are battling a problem and will welcome support and care from them. For example, if you have announced you are quitting you might get people congratulating you and wishing you the best in overcoming the problem. On top of this, these people might check on you from time to time, mostly because they care and this doesn’t happen if you don’t let people know about it. Since talking about the issue seems to help another useful trick is to blog about your day-to-day experiences in overcoming your addiction. This can be therapeutic and help you focus on the goals you want to achieve and also be a means of giving yourself feedback. It will become tougher to go back to your addiction after being so public about it that most people fear failure. One more group or website worth mentioning is GambleAware. It is another UK-based website but is another means for finding information and seeking help.

Top 3 Tips on quitting gambling

  • Start a blog and document your struggles and progress with your addiction
  • Tell your friends and family they will help you and it’s tough to give in to your addiction after making a bold step like this.
  • Find a support group. Call one of the gambling websites to find a local support group. Meeting others who have gone through your problems will show that you’re not alone and you can build a support network this way.
If you have any questions you can contact us or visit one of the problem gambling help websites listed in this article. Feel free to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or by any other means in that this message might reach someone who needs it the most.

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