Paying and playing with Crypto, How to?

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds
Paying_with_crypto Cryptocurrencies, or crypto assets, are a form of digital money that, from being used as an investment, have opened their field to be used in various services such as: commercial transactions, paying for services, charging and, in some way, safeguarding and securing users' finances. When this new world of digital finance reached the whole world, online gambling sites did not hesitate and began to take advantage of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies. The casinos that accept cryptocurrencies are no different from other online casinos, only that they have been adapting to the technological and economic world novelties. Today there are thousands of online casinos that build their business around Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency so far; although within their list of digital currencies, you can find almost all existing and powerful as a system or methods of payment within these sites. As it has been commented, betting in online casinos with cryptocurrencies is here to stay. But, what are the advantages and disadvantages of their use, and how can they be paid, cashed and played in online gambling casinos? For all that and much more, we have brought you the complete guide to play and pay with cryptocurrencies in online casinos.

Advantages of games and casinos with cryptocurrencies

Due to the great request and management, the owners of online casinos took into account cryptocurrencies thanks to their wonderful and innovative technical features of their system:
  • Transfers are low or no cost.
  • Payments are processed almost immediately, not to say on the spot.
  • There are no set limits. It is possible to send both small and very large amounts.
  • Every transaction is carried out under the best conditions of privacy and security.
  • Cryptocurrencies have a certain independence from governments, which makes trading with them much more attractive.
It was not until the first online casinos implemented this use, when it was possible to verify the importance of cryptocurrencies to the gambling world. Money movements between electronic wallets, banks and other destinations occur almost instantaneously. No more than 10 minutes are required to have the money earned. Depending on the payment system and the cryptocurrency used, costs and commissions could vary from zero to a tiny amount, making it an excellent way to transfer and cash out currencies.

Other benefits of betting with cryptocurrencies

Low cost: As we all know, the use of bank transfers, debit and credit card payments and other traditional payment systems lead to additional charges for each transaction made. When paying with cryptocurrencies the costs decrease considerably and, in some cases, there are no additional charges. Speed and efficiency: Traditional payments can take many hours, even days, to complete. This is not the case with cryptocurrencies because transactions are almost instantaneous. No borders: Cryptocurrencies can be used in any country and more and more casinos and countries are accepting their use. Exchange rate: The value of a cryptocurrency is established worldwide, so no money will be lost due to exchange rates. Invariability: It is very common to find chargebacks in transactions with very high rates. Cryptocurrencies cannot be reversed because they are immutable and do not present surcharges in their use. Trust: The cryptocurrency payment system presents a wide range of terms for financial security, so cryptocurrencies cannot be edited, changed or damaged, therefore, the chances of fraud are almost null. Privacy: An excellent way to make banking transactions invisible when withdrawing money, betting or paying is the use of cryptocurrencies because absolutely everything remains anonymous. The list of online casinos that accept payment with cryptocurrencies is endless. Each of these casinos has its own policy, so it is important to do a thorough research to know if a casino really suits the needs and requirements of a player.

Cryptocurrencies accepted at online casinos

As previously mentioned, everything will depend on what a casino accepts or does not accept under its conditions and terms. The list of accepted cryptocurrencies can change and be modified by each of those online gambling sites. If you are interested, you can click each of these cryptocurrencies to get a glimpse of what casinos accept them The list can have more than 30 different types, but here we will show you the most used and famous ones:

What is the variety of games of online cryptocurrencies?

From experience, we have found that the variety of games is equal to and even much greater than the library offered by traditional online casinos. To speak about their games as such, we can name slot machines, live and offline casino games, poker, blackjack, roulette and many more. Everything will depend on the size of the casino, customer service, licenses to operate and the list of games that each online casino has.

How to bet with cryptocurrencies?

Thanks to all the information that has been discussed, it is time to touch on the topic of betting with cryptocurrencies. With this guide every gambler, new or expert, will be able to have the tools to get cryptocurrencies, play and bet with them and win a lot of money:


The first step when playing in cryptocurrency online casinos is a digital wallet. If you already have one, you can move on to the next step; and if not, read on to learn how to get one. Although cryptocurrencies do not exist as real, physical objects, i.e. in tangible form, they must be kept in a safe place called an electronic or digital wallet. Such a wallet is software that stores information or an online application that stores all the digital assets that a person owns. You can choose from a large list of e-wallets available right now. You can check out this article too to find out how to get your own wallet with simple steps. These e-wallets are related to the public record of transactions that will allow you to monitor your balance, and send, and receive digital coins and tokens. You only need to register for your own account and you will be given a digital address linked to your bank account. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is in a state of recovery from the market crash. We are in the best time to take advantage of the low prices in investing and gambling. So, don't wait too long to buy crypto asset and bet them to generate a lot more wealth.

Get some digital coins

This step is of utmost importance due to the fact that it is the backbone to be able to play and bet in online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. Buying cryptocurrencies is not at all a complicated or convoluted affair as everyone might think. All you need is a digital wallet, an account at a cryptocurrency exchange and a couple of clicks. After you have created the digital wallet, it's time to buy e-currencies using any traditional currency you own, just as you would shop at an online store or the delivery you love so much. Select the type of currency you want to buy and the amount. In just seconds you will have the requested funds in your account to start your online casino adventure. For your information, there are also cryptocurrency exchange sites where you can both buy and sell digital currencies. These transactions are made up of "peer-to-peer" networks, that is, transactions that take place between individuals, rather than with an operator or the exchange itself. Such exchanges help to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using conventional currencies or alternative cryptocurrencies. As an example, Bitcoin can be bought with US dollars to be later sold in exchange for Ethereum.

Choosing the best online casino

With cryptocurrencies in your possession, you are fully prepared to choose a good gambling site where to invest them. The list of online casinos is very wide and anywhere you can find the best in the world. The important thing is to select the one that best suits your needs: sports, casino, poker, bingo, roulette or other games. Making sure to know what are the key features of online gambling sites will also make your life easier. Remember that you can always have the decision and control of where and how much you bet. You are the only one who sets the limit.

Deposit real money

For this step you will need to have your digital wallet open and ready to put it to work. Transactions are done immediately, especially since many online gambling sites will give credit until the end of the game.

Choice of game

The time for fun has come! Now you are ready to play. In the lobby, select the game of your choice, go to a gaming table and enter your bet level. From there, the steps to follow are the same as with betting with USD or other traditional currencies used. Pay special attention to the rules, terms and conditions of the selected game and the casino itself. This is because it has been determined that certain games have adjustments that may alter the odds of winning.

Change of currency

Last but not least step, when betting with cryptocurrencies it is essential to take into account the exchange rate to the local currency. For example, one may think that one is betting fractions or cents playing with cryptocurrencies or another digital currency, but in reality one could be betting much larger amounts than what is customary or stipulated by the budget and traditional gambling custom. For this reason, it is good that you are informed about the prices and the value that each digital currency presents with respect to the countless currencies of traditional use; all to avoid any inconvenience that may affect your economic stability. The role played by cryptocurrencies within online gambling is significant. All this for the simple reason that more and more online gambling sites have been accepting the deposit of cryptocurrencies for all their customers to play and bet with them. Cryptocurrencies make withdrawals and deposits at online gambling casinos have a speed incomparable to traditional banking systems. They are made instantly and without so much hassle with confirmation, providers and bank approval. Any cryptocurrency can be sent and received to anyone, anywhere, at the click of a button. This is why deposits made in cryptocurrencies are available for immediate play. It is also important that every online gambling site can send you all types of cryptocurrency withdrawals as soon as they are processed and approved. Relevant for those countries where online gambling is completely illegal, or not as legal as you might think. We are in a world where more and more cryptocurrencies are launched every day, which hints that many more coins can be used in online gambling casinos. The gaming company has been one of the pioneers in making room for cryptocurrencies, which will not slow down the development of new and better ways to make e-wallets useful to fund accounts and be able to play, bet, enjoy and win money like never before. If it is true that no one can predict the future, the odds are very much in favor that cryptocurrencies will remain a significant and important part of the iGaming world, positioning themselves in the highest places, gaining many more spaces and declaring themselves as one of the best and most effective payment methods.

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