Former San Diego mayor gambles away her fortune

February, 15, 2013 10 years ago

Former San Diego Mayor Gambles Away her Fortune!

As most gamblers know, over time the house will usually win. That doesn't mean you don't have a chance at winning but for those with a gambling problem, it becomes a numbers game. According to an article in thestar one former San Diego mayor spent a billion at a casino. The numbers are misleading as apparently the billion-dollar figure is attributed towards winnings. It is mentioned in the article that her fortune was valued at $40 to $60 million and in the span of about 10 years has spent it all and went as far as towards gambling money away from a charity. She got her millions because she got her fortunes from marrying the right guy: Robert O. Peterson who founded Jack in the Box restaurants.

She inherited the money after he passed away. Maureen O’Connor is the name and the story goes from bad to worse after she drops $2.1 million at the casino from her late husband's charitable foundation. She now appears to be broke and it seems unlikely the foundation will see that money again which is extremely unfortunate and articles like these should serve as a wakeup call to those that think they might have a problem with gambling addiction.

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