Crack video found on Toronto mayor who pushed for Casino

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun
Crack_1 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has pushed very hard to get a casino into the Toronto area. This is the same Toronto mayor that in May 2013 was accused of being in a video showing him smoking crack cocaine and hanging out with drug dealers. The Toronto casino plans were rejected eventually by city councilors but it shows how close it was and that a crack-smoking mayor nearly got a casino into the Toronto area. Now, of course, the big news is that the crack video has been recovered and the buzz in the city of Toronto is all about mayor Rob Ford who appears that he won't step down from his position as mayor despite harming the city's reputation in the process. Now Toronto has become a bit of a joke around the world as their mayor denied smoking crack and is now flopping on his story once more. He is still refusing to answer questions if that was indeed him in the video and now his lawyers are getting into the mix saying that wasn't crack he was smoking in the video. Hmmm, I'm sure the people of Toronto believe that one after all the other lies the mayor has told over the years. Does this mean an end to the discussion of bringing a land-based casino to the city of Toronto? It might not be discussed for a longer period of time and if the issue does come up people will remember it was mayor Ford who is most associated with the casino project, who is also more associated with crack as well. In the end, it is all bad associations for Toronto and perhaps the Torontonians can breathe a sigh of relief that the casino project won't happen for a long time to come. Of course, Rob Ford's legacy will be forever written on the internet with everything well documented.

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