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Couple Wins $2.6M Chase the Ace Jackpot

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

After 44 weeks, a couple from Conception Bay South in Newfoundland and Labrador finally managed to draw the ace of spades in the Chase the Ace lottery. After pulling the elusive card in Wednesday night’s draw, Don and Marge Gorman found themselves $2.6 million richer. Other than this couple though, there were also two other people who managed to each get close to half a million dollars in winnings.

The Winning Couple

Out of the hundreds of people who lined up at St. Kevin’s Parish, it was Marge Gorman who managed to draw the Ace of Spades that brought the now-famous lottery to a close. It took ten months and thousands of people lining up on Wednesdays before Marge and her husband Don finally got the elusive card.

When asked what they were going to do with the $2.6 million, the couple said that they were splitting it with their son and his girlfriend, their son’s girlfriend’s parents, and finally with Marge’s sister (and her husband). Even with the jackpot getting split among three other couples, Don and Marge can still expect to take home more than half a million dollars.

Other Winners

It wasn’t just Don and Marge Groman who wound up winning that Wednesday evening. Prior to the winning couple, Glen and Rosalee Stokes took the first shot at drawing the Ace of Spades. However, the couple from Mount Pearl only managed to draw the ten of spades. Despite missing out on the jackpot, the couple did qualify for the consolation prize and still found themselves richer by $437,556 by night’s end.

In addition to the Stokes, Marjorie Williams also ended the night on a high note. The Kilbride resident got to take home a substantial amount of money ($427,135 to be exact) after getting her name called for the 50/50 draw. And while she won the least amount, Williams did provide the most animated reaction with her boisterous jumping on stage, among that night’s winners.

A Fitting End to the Chase the Ace

For the 44 weeks that it was running, Chase the Ace managed to catch the attention of thousands in Newfoundland and Labrador. The lottery became so popular that Wednesdays would render the streets in the neighborhood of Goulds (where St. Kevin’s Parish was located) nearly unpassable due to the number of people who lined up for tickets to enter the draw. As a result of the traffic congestion brought about by the convergence of so jackpot-hunters, the organizers thought up an exit strategy for the lottery.

Implemented during the August 30 draw, this strategy involved drawing as many winning tickets as possible in the hopes that the ticket-holders eventually draw out the ace. Thankfully for the organizers, they didn’t have to wait long as it only took two ticket draws to finally draw out the Ace of Spades that has eluded so many in the past 10 months.

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