Class 1 Casino Closed

October, 28, 2011 11 years ago

Class 1 Casino has issued a statement to casino affiliates stating the casino is temporarily closed and that Playtech is to blame for the disruption.

Another casino has appeared to make it to the casino graveyard as Class 1 Casino has been problematic for over a month and now the answers are finally starting to appear as to why.

Player payments were getting very slow and so were affiliate payments.

The casino has probably run out of money and their software provider Playtech has most likely pulled the plug on their operation.

In an email sent to affiliates the site claims, they are down only short term while they work out problems and take legal action against Playtech.

Good luck winning that battle. Either way, this casino didn't appear to be good before and nobody can see them cleaning up their image now.

They were supposedly of the same casino group called Maxima casino that has a reputation of not paying players. If this is the case then it shows that this casino deserves to stay out of business for a long time.

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