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Casino Player complaints and live chat tips

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds

Casino players usually have to use live chat or email if they have a player complaint against an online casino. Some players are simply looking for help. Here are some tips when dealing with LiveChat agents.

One of the toughest jobs at any casino whether online or the brick and mortar casinos can be the player manager and customer support agents.

These customer service representatives (CSR) are the people in between that are there to help players and relay messages to management. Some of these agents work hard and genuinely try to help their customers however sometimes they run into difficult customers that feel they can treat these CSRs without respect.

Before we share some live chat horror stories we will share some tips on how to treat these agents and give them a reason to give you not only better service but more bonuses.

Casino support and live chat tips

Casino live chat agents / CSR are humans too and want to be treated with respect. If you start yelling at these people whether your casino complaint is valid or not, they might not care to help you.

Some of these agents have the ability to suspend your account so before you submit a complaint just remember how you say things will determine the type of service you will get in return.

Now as a tip if you treat these agents bad they won’t care to help you. Of course, as a better tip if you are kind to these service reps and treat them with some respect then they will probably remember your account and will go out of their way to not only help you but give you some added benefits.

These casino agents are armed with bonuses and free casino cash so if you are good to them they will be more than happy to add some surprise casino bonuses to your account.

Below are some anonymous live chat transcripts that have not only been edited for horrible spelling and grammar mistakes but some of the information edited with names changed.

Rachel: so does Allan supervise this casino too?

Ben: Welcome to the Casino Live Support. How may I assist you?

Rachel: does Allan supervise this casino too?

Ben: Allan is a supervisor at this support team, yes.

Ben: How may I help you?

Rachel: is he supervisor at ALL of the casinos?

Rachel: Because I’m not depositing a dime at any casino he has anything to do with

Ben: Please note he is a manager at none of the casinos, and therefore does not make any decision. He only supervises the support team for the group of Casinos.

Ben: I am sorry, He is NOT a manager at none of the casinos

Rachel: he is a supervisor I have been told

Rachel: and he cut me off from casino bonuses and free chips

Rachel: he emailed me himself and told me

Rachel: because he didn’t like me complaining, after losing 100 bucks of my own money and never getting through a playthrough

Rachel: so,,

Rachel: if he isn’t A supervisor, what gave him the right to do that, he also cut me off the free chips from the other casino

Ben: Please note there is a difference between, supervisors and managers.

Rachel: there are no promotions at other casinos either and another one

Ben: Managers take decisions at the casinos.

Ben: We as support just communicate their decisions to customers.

Rachel: Okay, well what’s the difference, if he is making these decisions and he is with all of these casinos, then I guess Ill just stop right now

Rachel: and he isn’t a good manager either

Ben: Also each casino has its own separate management team.

Rachel: Because I was making those kinds of deposits with no job

Rachel: now I have a full time job

Rachel: I am a gambler, a good manager would recognize this

Ben: Allan is not a manager,

Rachel: and put up with the complains KNOWING I would keep on making deposits


Ben: He did not make any decision,

Rachel: he signed the email

Rachel: who made the decision?

Rachel: another idiot, that cuts off their nose to spite their face

Ben: Management has reviewed your account.

Ben: Not support.

Ben: Allan is part of Support

Ben: He is not a manager.

Rachel: well then management is NOT good MANAGEMENT in fact, they are fools

Ben: That is why he has forwarded your latest emails to the casino manager.

Rachel: you see in business? money is all that matters, any GOOD business person knows this

Rachel: and if someone is putting MONEY into your business, you let them complain ALL DAY LONG if they want to

Rachel: thats just stupid, and explains the difference, between america and other countries I guess

Rachel: oh well, Im going to uninstall all of the all casinos now that I know the facts of the deal, they don’t deserve one more cent of my money,,, when they decide to turn back on my free chips? when they learn how to run a business? let me know,, maybe i’ll come back

Ben: I am sorry, At this casino we do not accept this kind of behavior and is why your account was flagged.

Ben: However we have sent this to management as it was their decision.

Ben: The will review your account once again.

Rachel: oh at this casino, you don’t accept that behavior, but you will sit there and think we don’t have a right to spend thousands of bucks and never get through the play through?

Ben: And once they have reached a decision, we as support will make their decision known to you by email.

Rachel: I see their motto, be ripped off and shut up, just keep making deposits right?

Rachel: yea well, don’t bother, I think I paid for my right to complain, but then, that ISN’T America is it? people don’t have rights, I guess I have to remember that when I’m dealing with these casinos, its shut up and put up in other places

Rachel: take care and good luck

Ben: Thank you very much!

Ben: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Rachel: lol sarcasm doesn’t work with me either

Rachel: how funny Maybe if Rachel had actually spent “thousands of bucks” maybe the support team would have been more helpful.

The next casino transcript shows someone who is looking for a bonus.

Dan: Welcome to casino Live Chat. How may I help you?

James: Hi, this is James, I came across this bonus code any good

Dan: Well our casinos actually do not use bonus codes in order to give out bonuses.

Dan: May I ask for which casino this is?

James: casino-name

Don: Ok, may I ask also where you read about the offer?

James: It was on a page that I typed in – casino no deposit

Dan: What page would that be?

James: I could not tell you, there were a lot of no deposit items for the casino

Dan: Well, without any information I won’t be able to help much. Like I said we don’t use codes so I don’t have anything to go by.

James: If you don’t give bonuses out I’ll sign out and it looks like a casino that I don’t want to play, since YOU are not very friendly, thanks for nothing (closes chat before I can respond, maybe I could have given him a bonus)

The live chat agent was trying to be helpful and was about to offer a free casino chip when the player accused the agent of not being friendly. In conclusion, we recommend that you play at a casino that has good customer support but also to be friendly with these people.

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