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Bet on WWE Wresting & WrestleMania, is it possible?

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

Is it really possible to bet on WWE Wrestling when clearly it is fake and rigged?

Unfortunately, the sad answer to that question is yes.  But why on earth would this be possible if it is rigged? Surely the WWE insiders would ‘invest’ in such an opportunity when they know what the outcomes of all rigged matches will be.  Of course, if you want to bet on real wrestling this is possible during the summer Olympics. If news constantly hit the public of who was going to win any event, it would seriously hurt ratings and the folks at WWE Wrestling and entertainment take this very seriously. So insider betting is actually kept to a minimum this way although truth is told, any sportsbooks would know the answers of who is going to win any match just by the betting activity made by players.

This same betting activity has been used to catch tennis players throwing matches when betting syndicates would bet heavily on an underdog against a high seeded player where the total amount of bets placed is several times higher than the average betting activity. This is a warning signal to bookies. So in short WWE is very good at concealing the winners. Also betting sizes are limited to prevent the bookies from losing a lot of money in case information does leak about the winners. Otherwise, insiders would themselves bet heavily on the winners and also create a betting syndicate themselves. Right now the payouts just are not worth the risks and efforts involved. Overall for the average sports fan, WWE Betting isn’t something you really want to get involved with unless you are a true WWE fan. The odds you are going to get on the matches are going to have a high juice built-in meaning it is impossible to be a profitable player here.

Where can you bet on WWE and WrestleMania?

There are a very few sportsbooks with enough balls to offer odds on WWE and to bet on WrestleMania. One sportsbook and online casino with balls happen to be PaddyPower. PaddyPower is a legit sportsbook with a decent online casino and they are known to do anything crazy when it comes to marketing and bringing attention to themselves. They love players that bet on WWE and you’ll struggle to find anywhere else that offers this ability.

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