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3D Slots on 3D mobile phones

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

At the recent Mobile World Congress 2011 LG showcased the world’s first 3D mobile phone.

This phone has the ability to make ordinary slot games appear to be 3D without the use of glasses. Is this the future of mobile gambling?

At the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Spain the electronics giants LG had on display the world’s first 3D mobile phone.

The phone is known as the LG 3D Optimus and it has a special button that enables the phone to go from the ordinary phone image to an enhanced image that adds an unusual 3D look to it. It is hard to say how online casinos will look at these mobile phones but one thing is certain is that these phones were meant for entertainment purposes.

Mobile casinos are starting to become more popular and now that online casinos themselves are appearing all over tv ads, players are naturally turning to their cell phones to see what games they can play.

These mobile slots are just convenient to play as you can do this at the airport, waiting for someone to pick you up or at the doctor’s office. When people want to kill a bit of time just pick a mobile casino app and start spinning.LG 3D Optimus on display at Mobile World Congress 2011[/caption] The best part of these phones is mobile casino developers and content providers don’t have to optimize their games or images for these 3D phones.

Just by pushing the 3D button on the back of the phone the image is instantly optimized to give everything a unique 3D look and feel. This means that any mobile slots you can play can now become mobile 3D slots.

Perhaps more mobile phones will have this optional 3D technology to add a bit more flash to the games. In the future we will certainly have these games tested as they were not available at the conference itself due to connectivity problems throughout the whole week.

As soon as we get our hands on one of these LG 3D Optimus phones we will certainly be testing the games in 3D mode for many of the mobile casinos available such as All Slots and Jackpot City.

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