10 Best Casinos by PayU payment for deposits & withdrawals πŸ€‘

Find online casinos that accept PayU for deposits and cashouts. 


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    PayU Review

    PayU is a private Company based in the Netherlands. It was created in 2002 and it offers financial solutions to all kinds of markets. Over the course of its 19 years of service, PayU has focused on improving the features and possibilities available to the users. The first important step for PayU was going global.

    The company started offering interesting financial solutions to Dutch users. But after some years of satisfying market owners in the Dutch territory, PayU decided to start offering its incredible features to businesses around the world.

    Now, businesses worldwide are able to have a reliable financial service on their side. The PayU users can make their customers pay their bills with ease at any given moment. It is quite frustrating for a market to find a trustworthy platform that allows them to receive all the payments from their customers without issues.

    Some of them are too expensive, or they simply do not provide the most convenient security methods. PayU is different. PayU does not charge you when creating your account and more importantly, the features and tools that you can use offer the best and most advanced security protocols that a payment service can have nowadays.

    PayU allows you to receive payments from customers around the whole world. This is a great feature for the online stores businesses. PayU Works with 18 different countries in all the continents. Additionally, PayU has more than 400 payment methods available as well, making it easy for your customers to make payments. Some of the most reputable global companies that have worked with PayU are: Netflix, Facebook, Zara and Uber.

    PayU also offers good conversion rates. That way, you can pass the payments received from one currency to another in a matter of seconds without losing money in the process. PayU works with over 20 currencies. So your customers can pay you in any currency and you do not have to worry about converting it once received.

    If security is one of your main concerns, do not worry about it. PayU processes your transactions through a certified platform that prevents any kind of fraudulent actions. Moreover, all of the transactions are reviewed to check if they are valid or not.

    How PayU works

    PayU is a certified private company with authorization to process transactions across the whole globe. To open an account on PayU, you will have to provide some relevant information about the business you are in charge of. Some of the requested information is:

    • Company’s headquarters
    • Company’s name
    • Website
    • Industry
    • Currency you want to work with on the PayU site.

    After finishing the registration procedure, you will be able to enter your personal PayU Hub. This space allows you to visualize everything concerning your transactions.

    You can check all the payments you have received, convert the payments to a different currency or request a payment from a specific customer.

    How to make deposits on online casinos using PayU

    PayU offers an easy and convenient way to process deposits on online gambling sites. First, you have to pick PayU as your depositing method on the online casino of your preference. After doing that, you will be asked how much you want to deposit on the betting site.

    Once you have determined the amount, you will be taken to the PayU site where you will be asked to provide authorization to process the transaction. Confirm the transaction and wait for PayU to show you the receipt of the transfer you have just made.

    A couple of seconds later, you will see your new deposited funds on the online casino’s balance.

    How to withdraw your earnings from an online casino using PayU

    The first step you must take is making sure that PayU is available as a withdrawing method. After checking, all you have to do is choose PayU as your preferred method for withdrawing.

    The online casino will ask you for some financial information that is needed in order for you to receive your payment. Provide the requested information and wait for the online casino to process the transaction.

    The time it takes to receive the payment will depend on how long it takes the online casino to process withdrawals.

    Top 5 casinos that accept PayU as a payment method

    Everum Casino

    Everum Casino Landing Page

    Everum Casino has more than 2,000 games available to all the players. Furthermore, you have the possibility of playing tournaments and claiming bonuses that could help you boost your earnings regularly. Apart from the games that you can play on this online casino, there are lottery draws where you can prove your luck and win extra money quickly.


    Enzo Casino Landing Page

    EnzoCasino offers you more than 500 games in multiple categories. In addition to that, EnzoCasino processes deposits and withdrawals without extra fees so that you can invest all of your funds on the games and bonuses that this online casino has available to you on a daily basis.

    Casino Tropez

    Casino Tropez Landing Page

    Casino Tropez is an online casino that has been working since 2001. The site offers a user-friendly interface where all the games and offers are accessible without much of an effort. Moreover, this online casino has slot games, live casino games, table games and many others available to all the players that decide to join.

    Casino Sieger

    Casino Sieger Landing Page

    Casino Sieger is available in a wide number of countries around the whole world. The players are able to enjoy slot games, table games and live casino games that will make you feel as if you were in Las Vegas gambling.

    The site is also mobile-supported, meaning that all the users can play the games available from their phones and tablets without issues. The titles available on this online casino offer high-quality graphics, animations and features so that the players can have fun for long periods of time.

    Rembrandt Casino

    Rembrandt Casino Landing Page

    Rembrandt Casino is a German online casino. You can enjoy up to 2,000 different games on this betting site. Additionally, there is a 100% welcome bonus available to all the newly registered players.



    What is PayU?

    PayU is an online payment operator formed by companies owned by Naspers MIH. It operates in 18 markets worldwide and serves over 100,000 merchants and more than 360 million users.

    In which countries can I use PayU?

    PayU serves Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, India, Mexico, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kenya, Panama, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Peru, South Africa and Ukraine.

    Is PayU safe to use?

    Yes. It has data encryption for transmissions with the SSL EV protocol and has PCI DSS and 3D Secure international security certificates

    Do I need an account with PayU to use?

    Yes. Users must first pay their PayU account. Deposit methods may vary from country to country.

    Can I fund my PayU account with debit/credit cards?

    Yes. The user typically uses a credit card, but there may also be other options, such as an electronic check or a transfer directly from the bank. Payments from a cell phone may also be an option.

    Do I need to pay any fees to use PayU at my casino?

    This service is completely free for players and bettors. They also do not require you to fill out forms for each transaction. PayU stores your information in their database so users only have to enter the information once.

    Are transactions instant with PayU?

    PayU allows users to make payments very quickly, even if it is not instantaneous. PayU has several layers of additional protection against theft and fraud, so it takes time to go through that process