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ecoPayz Casinos

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There’s no doubt that you won’t find an online payment processing platform that’s as versatile and secure as ecoPayz. The company and its platform has been around for a decade and a half and is considered as one of the pioneers in the industry. It actually started out as an e-wallet called EcoCard and was back in 2000. Eventually it became a part of PSI-Play Ltd and was then renamed to ecoPayz. From e-wallet solutions, the platform has now grown to offer Online PINs as well as virtual cards that make its customers’ (the majority of whom are online casino players) online transactions safer and more convenient.

Ease of Use and Security

Another reason why most online casino players use ecoPayz is because of its extremely easy registration process. Players can automatically get a Classic ecoAccount even if they don’t undergo the verification process. Of course this has drawbacks since their deposits will be limited (€2500). However, if they do get around to verifying their account as well as deposit funds to these using their debit and credit cards then they’ll automatically get a Silver upgrade. With Silver or higher (Gold, Platinum, or VIP) accounts, players can then get deposit unlimited amounts for the duration of their account (there are weekly limits though). In addition to using SSL-encryption, the platform also uses PSI-Pay’s Fraud Detection Engine to ensure that users’ sensitive information aren’t going to get compromised.

Special Features

Aside from its online payment solution, ecoPayz also offers an ecoCard payment card as well as an ecoVirtualcard. The ecoCard payment card is available for players/users who have Silver or higher accounts. It serves as a prepaid or debit card and allows users to withdraw funds from their accounts as well as pay for services or products on brick and mortar stores that accept MasterCard cards. On the other hand, the ecoVirtualcard is similar to ecoCard only that it’s geared mainly for online transactions. This is also available to Silver or higher ecoPayz users. In order to fund this card, the player will only need to link it to his/her account. It’s a particularly great option for players who don’t want to use the credit/debit cards issued by their banks.

Availability and Customer Service

Another great feature that users can take advantage of using their ecoAccounts is multi-currency support. ecoPayz understands that not all of its users transact in € or $. For this reason, they’ve extended support for a total of 45 currencies. Most of these are European but it also boasts support for Asian currencies such as the Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Singapore Dollar, and even the Malaysian Ringgit. So long as the player has a verified ecoAccount he/she can opt to add any or all of these supported currencies. Players should also have no issues with regard to opening/maintaining accounts anywhere in the world since the platform is available for residents from a total of 159 countries. If you’re an online casino player who values security and convenience then you better try out ecoPayz. Currently, it’s supported by online casinos such as Betsson, Bet365, as well as any that accepts MasterCard debit/credit cards (ecoVirtualcard).