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Gambling Books

Find gambling books here including our popular books categories;

list of gambling books

Popular Gambling Books

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An introduction to Gambling Books

The world of gambling has witnessed some substantial changes in the last two decades mostly due to the emergence of online casinos. Of course, there were some other changes like the introduction different regulations and laws, a wider range of casino games etc. But, all these things have not changed the fact that in order to succeed in gambling, be it offline or online, you must use a good strategy. In order to create a strategy like this, you can use a different kind of help. For instance, there are many gambling seminars and online courses. You can also get direct advice from successful gamblers. But, for many experts in this area, reading gambling books is the most effective tool for success in this world. For another recommended site on books visit

Gambling Books: An Introduction

If you are ready to go beyond gambling with friends at home and going to online casinos or brick and mortar casinos and trying to place real money that can bring you some profit, you should know that reading gambling books is a must. No matter what kind of casino game you will select, you must know what exactly you are doing and how to achieve your goal. Getting access to useful gambling books packed with information and tips can help any player pass the hurdles and obstacles and learn how to gamble in the right way.

One of the main reasons why so many people involved in gambling activities fail to make money is the fact that they don’t have time to gather information about the useful strategies that they can use. But, it turns out that this kind of information is crucial to making sound gambling decisions. This is exactly where gambling books can help.

The Different Types of Gambling Books

There are hundreds of gambling books out there and not all of them are the same. Besides the fact that some of them are better than the others, there are gambling books focused on specific gambling-related topics. It’s up to you to decide which book will work for you and provide the most useful information you need. The following is a short list of the types of gambling books found on the market today.

Gambling Books About Gambling Basics

First of all, there are gambling books that can be used by beginners in this activity. They represent guides that can be used by people who don’t have any experience in gambling. So, the basic idea of these books is to help people make the most educated moves and bets so they won’t lose their money. You can learn the basics of gambling regardless of the type of game you’ll choose. Most of these books have the basic dos and don’ts of gambling.

Gambling Books For Advanced Gamblers

Only a few people can say that they have mastered a casino game. This is quite natural because even though most of these games look very simple, there are countless strategies and tactics that people can apply. So, if you are aware of the basics of gambling and you have some experience, then you are prepared to go to the next level and become an advanced gambler. This is where gambling books for advanced gamblers can help. They are made with your needs (as an advanced player) in mind. They are relying on more complex strategies and techniques that are used by professional players. 

Gambling Books About Money Management

Money management is a very important element of gambling. So, it is no surprise why there are specialized books that are providing advice about proper money management. Obviously, with their help, gamblers can learn how to manage their money in the best possible way. Even in case you are winning some of the bets, you may be losing your money. What these books are teaching us is that we can create a system where the money is circulating and you end up with profit. Money management is all about starting small and relatively slow and growing your profit over time. The main objective is to start using the money from your wins for gambling, not your own money (your bank).

Gambling Books About Specific Games

As we already said, gambling books are covering a wide range of games. For instance, there are books for table games, card games, electronic games bingo, keno and other types of games. Yet, some of these games are more popular than the others and that’s why there are specialized gambling books for these games.

Poker books

First of all, we will mention poker books because this is one of the most popular games today. The purpose of each poker book is different and depends on the audience. For example, there are poker books for beginners. It is obvious that these books are covering the origins of poker, basic rules on dealing of cards and playing and different types of poker. They are used as textbooks for poker.

Additionally, there are poker books focused on the game’s techniques. Poker is a game of skill and strategy. Thanks to these books you can learn the essential elements of playing this game. A good book of this kind will help you learn how to cover your emotions, manage unexpected situations, make the right move in a specific situation and manipulate the situation to your advantage. They are recommended for experienced players.

There are also poker books dedicated to tournament players. This is where you can learn more about the different types of poker tournaments. Most of them are written by experienced, professional players and their experiences in these tournaments. Finally, there are online poker books where you can learn how to use the best practices to win at online poker games.

The Mental Gae of Poker by Jared Tendler, Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen, The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky, Super System by Doyle Brunson and Ave on the River by Barry Greenstein are some of the best poker books on the market.

Blackjack Books

Blackjack is another popular casino game which means that you can find dozens of books dedicated to this specific casino game. Just like in the case of poker, there are different types of blackjack books too. For instance, some of them can help you learn basic strategy. In this way, you can learn how to prevent losses, but you won’t be able to learn how to make more money. The blackjack books for true professionals are the ones that can help you learn how to count. Counting cards techniques have proven to be useful in other casino games too.

Some good examples of successful blackjack books include Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston, Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong, Basic Blackjack by the same author, Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder, and Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich.

Bingo books

Bingo books represent an excellent way to get familiar with this game. The fact is that this game is quite simple and this is the main reason why you won’t find many books dedicated to bingo. As a game of luck, this game doesn’t offer much space for tactics and strategies, but there are still a few things that every player should take into account. There are also some successful bingo players who managed to write useful bingo books too. In any case, gamblers should be careful because bingo books that promise guaranteed success are probably not worth your time.

The following is a short list of popular and useful bingo books: The Basics of Bingo by Avery Cardoza, The Bingo Palace by Lousie Erdrich, The Great Big Bingo Book by Nina Ito and Anne Berry and Bingo! How to Improve Your Odds by Andrew Bowser.

Sports Betting Books

sharp sports betting Stanford Wong book

What makes sports betting books different that bettors can’t rely only on the information found in these books. They must know the sports well and they have to follow the latest news and find out who is missing from a team, who is playing, who is the underdog and who is the favorite and more. Yet, there are some solid sports betting books that can help you become more knowledgeable and learn more about advanced techniques and strategies.

This is a list of a few good examples of sport betting books: Good Team Win, Great Teams Cover by Pat Hagerty, The Odds: One Season, Three Gamblers and the Death of Their Las Vegas by Chad Millman, Smart Sports Betting: Advanced Stats and Winning Psychology Made Simple by Matt Rudnitsky and Beat the Sports Books by Dan Gordon.

Lottery Books

This is another example of gambling books where you can’t find many strategies, tactics, and techniques simply because the lottery is a game of pure luck. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should start playing the game mindlessly without thinking about your bank and your profit. To make things easier for both new players and advanced players, lottery winners and experts in this field have created lottery books.

Learn How to Increase your Chances of Winning the Lottery by Richard Lustig, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, Lottery Winning Systems by Gail Howard, and Lottery Master Guide by Gail Howard are some of the best lottery books out there.

As previously mentioned, there are many other types of gambling books in the market and some of them are focused on other casino and non-casino gambling activities like keno books, slot machine books, baccarat books, roulette books etc. The best ones in each category are definitely worth checking.

Why Using Gambling Books Are A Good Idea?

It turns out that there is more than one good reason why prospective gamblers (and experienced ones) should read gambling books.

First of all, with the help of gambling books they can learn theory from true professionals. The vast majority of books we’ve mentioned above are written by serious players. These people have the necessary experience to provide tips and advice on different kinds of games. We are talking about professionals that have spent countless hours analyzing and practicing different gambling strategies and they were kind enough to share their results with the readers in the form of books. Instead of learning everything about these games from scratch, you can speed up this process. Most of these books contain first-hand experiences with casinos, strategies, techniques and other useful things. If you are serious about becoming a professional or at least profitable gambler, you will find this kind of information very helpful.

Another good thing about gambling books is that these books will cost you far less compared to training. People have to spend hundreds of dollars on any type of gambling training. On the other hand, gambling books are usually ten times cheaper (not more than $50).

Finally, you should not forget that modern gambling books are available on numerous platforms. Of course, the classic books about gambling are the standard, physical books, but you don’t have to use only this kind of books. There are gambling books that you can read on your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, and computer. The best thing is that many of these versions are usually cheaper compared to physical books.

While it’s true that gambling books can improve your game, you should remember that they are not the only tool that you can use. It’s obvious that you will take a few other things into account when preparing yourself for success in the field of gambling.

In order to succeed, you will have to look for gambling books that are up to date, unbiased, and accurate. But, what’s even more important is that reading is just one step in the process. It’s impossible to become the best gambler only by reading books. You will also have to spend hours playing games and get practical knowledge so be prepared for that. Additionally, some people tend to learn faster when they are watching videos or looking at images and infographics.

We hope that this gambling book guide will help you become a better gambler whether you want to learn the basics or become a professional gambler. Also we know that these books answer any question you have about gambling.