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Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter

Problem gambling, also known as gambling addiction, is a real thing and women like Liz Karter know that. She is often called the best specialist in gambling addiction in women in the United Kingdom. Starting from 2001, she has provided help to hundreds of women in the UK and around the globe who were trying to fight this addiction. The best thing about her work is that she is not an anti-gambling person – she is just trying to help people stop being addicted to gambling activity.

Working with Women's Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter

Liz Karter is an author, trainer and frequent conference speaker. She was part of many TV shows and she has written a few articles in reputable magazines and newspapers. However, this leading UK gambling therapist is best-known for her two books – Women and problem Gambling: Therapeutic insights into understanding addiction and treatment; Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling: Treating gambling addiction through relationship. The latter has become a bestseller.

Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter Review

The increased popularity of gambling activities in the last three decades has led to some problems. Although the number of people addicted to gambling is not very high, these people exist and they need help. This is exactly what readers can expect to find in Liz Karter’s book about problem gambling.

What makes Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter really special is the fact that this book is focused on a specific category of people – women. According to many experts, the reasons that lead to problem gambling in women are different than the ones that make men become gambling addicts. Of course, there are some similarities too. All these things are discussed in this 172-pages long paperback book. Keep in mind that the author has created this work in order to help both women that have problems with gambling and those who want to help women with such problems.

The book is divided into 8 chapters that are very easy to read and understand. In the first chapter, Liz explains why women need Women’s groups for problem gambling. The main goal of this book is to show people that one of the simplest and most efficient ways to solve this problem is to become members of women’s groups. Group therapies have proven to be effective in many cases and with the right approach, they should help everyone.

Due to the fact that the first 60 days are usually the most important ones, there’s a separate chapter dedicated to these two months. The author has used 20 pages to explain how the meetings should look like and what participants can expect from these meetings. What’s important in this period is to make everyone feel comfortable and to help them stay in this process until the end. A problem like this can’t be solved overnight and participants should be prepared for longer sessions. According to the book, this is the time when those who have signed up for these meetings will truly understand that they have a problem.

The next chapter in Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter is focused on developing themes and relationship. The chapter explains that every individual (women) is different and that there is no universal approach that we can use in these therapies. Of course, there are some basic rules, but in order to establish a relationship, you must take the specific things related to the situation of the person that needs help.

The fourth chapter talks about meeting halfway through the process. This is another breaking point that can be crucial for the process. Once again, the addict must be encouraged and reminded why they are part of this process and this is where you can find useful techniques and approaches for that.

In the fifth chapter, the author talks about the closure of this process. You’ll find helpful information about how to end this process and get long-lasting results. After all, it’s not unusual for gambling addicts, especially female gambling addicts, to get back on the same path after long sessions. This must be a long-term solution because in some cases the relapse is worse than the situation before.

Life after Women’s Group is the next chapter where you can read about the things you can expect once these meetings are over. The entire chapter is designed as stimulation for former participants. It also provides some tips and advice about how to prevent relapses.

What’s great about Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter is that this book also contains two specially designed chapters for the practitioners. She was kind enough to share information based on her own experience and as we said before she is quite successful at what she is doing.

The first of these two chapters give readers the material they need to start Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling. This part includes practical advice on starting a group like this and some tips about avoiding mistakes. With the help of these 20 pages, you should be able to prepare a group.

In the end, there’s a chapter that explains the traits of successful Women’s Group therapists. By reading this chapter, prospective therapists can learn how to become successful in this field. This may not be a long guide, but it does provide some useful tips. You’ll learn what kind of skills you need for this profession and what you should learn and how to act if you want to be a Women’s Group therapist. It’s a short, but helpful step-by-step guide that you should read even if you are just thinking about becoming this kind of therapist.

When we take all these things into account, we can say that Liz Karter wrote a great book. Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling is one of the best-selling books focused on this issue.

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