Online Slots Tournaments, Free Rolls & Races

Like slots? Then you'll love these online slots tournaments with our recommended casinos. Find a tournament or free roll here.

Lincoln Casino
Butterfly Effect Tournament $1,200
Rating 8.0
Tournament Name Butterfly Effect Tournament $1,200
Entry 5$
Prize 1200$
Starts Open
Game slots
Liberty Slots
Month Long Tournament $5,000
Rating 8.0
Tournament Name Month Long Tournament $5,000
Entry 5$
Prize 5000$
Starts Open
Game slots

Slots tournaments are by far the most popular type of tournament around. Casinos usually prefer to host these over blackjack tournaments and video poker tournaments as the later 2 tend to have sharper players. 

Slots Freerolls

There are many freerolls for slots, of course you don't have to deposit to play in a freeroll. You'll be given some free chips to play with and your job is to not lose em all and hope you are the biggest winner. You could probably spend all day just collecting freerolls as many casinos offer them. Our goal here is to list only casinos that we recommend you play at, otherwise we won't list their tournaments if we think you'll have problems getting paid out. 

Which Casinos & Softwares host slots tournaments?

Slots tournaments, or also referred to as slots races, tend to be more focused with a few specific softwares that have created software to show the tournament leaderboards and to automate them. Two of the more popular softwares for slots tournaments are Microgaming and WGS. Microgaming tournaments you'll find at select Microgaming casinos and they have the tournament dashboard built into the casino dashboard so it's easy to see when a casino has a tournament and quite often there is a tournament for most times of the day that you can join. WGS tournaments you can find at select WGS casinos too.  

Why Slots Tournaments?

Slots are a very popular game between casino's players and, therefore, there are many types of slots themed after several topics available in the casinos for players to have fun and enjoy. Slots can be very fun to play but they can also reward players very well. If you like to play slots, then slots tournaments can add a little bit more of fun into it. 

How do slots tournaments work?

Many tournaments for slots can be a wide range of slot games or feature one specific game to play. Some casino softwares have built in tournament sections where you can see the other usernames of players you are playing against, sometimes you can see their first name and country. Tournaments always have a start and end time and they can range from 1 hour to a whole month and everything in between. 

Some of the common terminology you'll find with slots tournaments

  • pot: as more players keep contributing to the pot, it grows making the payouts even larger, sometimes payouts can be pot, prize pool or both!
  • prize pool: how much is available to win. Usually it's shared amongst the top players and it is a set amount
  • buy-in: the buy in is how much it costs to enter the tournament. Free rolls are obviously zero buyin tournaments.
  • rebuys: if you lose everything but want to keep playing, if rebuys are available you can buy back in and continue to play in the tournament

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