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Koi Princess Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2015-12-01

Like many Japanese imports, anime is slowly gaining mainstream recognition. If you’re someone who wants to play a video slot that features anime-ish graphics then you might want to check out NetEnt’s Koi Princess. The company has went on record to say that the latest game that it developed is now packed with features that were absent from its previous titles. This game’s Japanese anime theme is also a departure from the kind of themes that the company used to implement in their previous games. How does it really stack up to the hundreds of other 5-reel slot games that can be found online?

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Slots Data

Similar to a lot of NetEnt’s slots, Koi Princess has 5-reels and 3-rows. Unlike other slots though, its 20 betting lines isn’t really that many. However, NetEnt more than made up for this by adding features such as Bonus Bet, Random Wilds, Bonus, 5-Hit, and Wild Reels. Betting is also straightforward and players can easily indicate how much they’d like to bet per spin by changing the betting level and coin value. Players can bet a minimum amount of €0.20 (coin and betting levels set to 0.01 and 1 respectively) and a maximum of €200 (coin and betting levels set to 1.0 and 10 respectively) each time he/she wishes to spin the slot. As for the Bonus Bet feature, what it does when activated is that it doubles the player’s bets although not necessarily his/her chances of winning. This means that a player who’s feeling lucky can increase his/her maximum bet of €200 to €400.

Slots Features

Koi Princess functions similarly to other online slots. What sets it apart though is its Random and Bonus Features. As their collective name implies, Random Features are activated randomly and allow players to get more from their bets. If they activate the 5-Hit Random Feature, players are assured with a 5 symbol win on one betting line. As for the symbol, the game will automatically and randomly choose one for the player. There’s also a Random Wild Random Feature that would result in the player getting randomly placed overlay Wilds on the reels after he/she initiates a spin. Another Random Feature is Wild Reels. With this feature, the player will get 2 to 5 random reels that would be covered in overlay Wild Symbols as a guaranteed result after 1 spin. Finally, the last Random Feature is called Bonus Activation and getting it will result in the activation of the slot’s Bonus Features.

Special Features & Conclusion

The Bonus Features of the Koi Princess slot qualifies as its special features. Sure Win Free Spins awards players with 10 free spins that are guaranteed wins. Each win will pay the player an amount close to his/her largest winnings in the Sure Win Free Spins session. Wild Reels Free Spins is another bonus feature of the Koi Princess slot. If this is activated, the player will be rewarded 10 free spins with each spin resulting in the appearance at random of anywhere from 1 to 5 reels overlayed with Wild Symbols. In addition, there’s also a Bonus Wheel that allows players to win coins as well as a chance to activate the two previous features (Sure Win and Wild Reel Free Spins). Lastly, there’s a Coin Win special feature that (as implied by its name) rewards a player with coins instantly. If you happen to be getting tired with playing slots that have recurring themes then you’re sure going to enjoy Koi Princess. Not only are this slot’s features outstanding, they’re also very rewarding. Sure it’s pretty random but it wouldn’t be a slot if it wasn’t. Additionally, it’s developed by NetEnt so you know that its graphics and sounds/music are always of the highest quality. Start playing Koi Princess now and if you’re lucky you just might get the chance to win as much as 100000 Coins (€10000).

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