Online Casinos Vs. Land-Based Casinos: What’s The Better Choice?

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds

Casinos, those majestic and extravagant facilities that have a long and ostentatious history of entertainment, fun and gambling thanks to their multiple activities and games of chance.

Throughout history, these traditional casinos have dominated the gambling business, but after the appearance of the Internet and the inauguration of the first online casino in the 90's, the figure of the traditional or physical casino gradually lost its fame and clientele.

All this without taking into account the new normality that we all live in due to the pandemic era that we all know.

Nowadays, thanks to the technological advances that are taking place every day, no person is excluded from accessing online gaming and gambling from anywhere in the world.

This does not mean that traditional casinos will be forgotten or disappear from the scene, only that online casinos offer us the comfort we were looking for and their online services have made new ones appear every time, even multiplying by 10 the amount of physical casinos for each one of the digital ones.

So far, both online casinos and physical or traditional casinos enjoy a wonderful harmony. Of course, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages in its characteristics.

That is why we bring you this article so that we can all together know the main characteristics that differentiate and link the modalities of online casinos and physical or traditional casinos and know which of the two is the best for gambling players and bettors.

Land-Based Casinos

Chronologically, they were the first to appear in the world of betting and gambling. Obviously, the great number of players accustomed to this type of casinos are older people with classic and traditional tastes; open-minded, extroverted, quite sociable and full of confidence who rejoice in sharing and relating with people they know, and not so much, while they engage in playful relationships.

This type of casino has a cheerful, dynamic, festive atmosphere, with an air of luxury and power. They are found basically all over the world, especially in Las Vegas, Miami, Panama and other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The lovers of land casinos are always looking for spaces full of lights, tables full of games of chance, drinks that reach where they are thanks to the waitresses, loud music and the tasting of the best dishes while playing, betting and winning juicy money.

Online Casinos

As the other side of the same coin, online casinos have been able to adapt to the needs of their players and customers from the beginning.

They are the favorites due to their worldwide availability and the convenience of being able to play from the comfort of your home, work or other spaces never thought of before.

With them, it is no longer necessary to be aware of established schedules because these online gambling sites can be used at any time of the day every day of the week, obviously including weekends.

As simple as grabbing a cell phone or any digital device and just like streaming platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and so on, online casinos will always be there for you, no matter the occasion or context.

Choosing an online casino as a favorite makes the gaming experience much more friendly and fun. You will be playing solely and exclusively with your personal tastes.

In turn, online casinos will always have a greater number of games available because the digital space is infinite, compared to the physical space where only a certain number of machines, tables and games can be found and positioned. The digital era gives us an extensive gaming room where the limits are only set by its players.

Correspondence and Accessibility

It is no secret that the biggest and best land-based or traditional casinos are located in the farthest places from the homes of their players.

While some are fortunate enough to reside very close to these sites, the vast majority must travel hundreds, or even thousands, of miles to reach the casinos of their choice to gamble.

With the advent of the Internet and the evolution of technological and communication devices, it is now possible to visit online casinos from a simple smartphone, laptop or tablet with access to cyberspace. With just a few clicks you can start playing, betting and winning money without having to move further than your arm's reach.

All, or almost all, online casinos offer applications to access their digital facilities in the fastest and easiest way. Within them there is an Artificial Intelligence that will help those who need it when it is time to start playing and betting.

All you need is a good, stable and fast internet connection and a device capable of downloading and maintaining the best versions of online casinos.

If there are a great number of physical casinos, the variety of online casinos far exceeds the number of traditional gaming sites. Moreover, it is possible to play in several online casinos at the same time, which would allow you to win much more rewards in the shortest possible time.

Bonuses and Promotions

Within this feature it is notorious for the great power that online casinos have. Thanks to the tough competition in the digital gambling sector, online casinos are increasing every day, and along with them the strategies to catch more players and bettors with the incredible and unimaginable bonuses and promotions.

Those who have already had the great opportunity to play at an online casino will know that they do not skimp on freebies. The promotions and bonuses pour in from the very first moment we "step foot" in the online casino.

Usually, all new players receive a welcome bonus that contains free spins and bonus money so that they can gradually understand the game while winning some money.

As if that wasn't enough, for those reliable players with a high level of loyalty, online casinos grant rebates, VIP deals and lounges, tournament invitations and various other gifts. These are features that traditional casinos should implement or improve so that there is not so much difference between the two cases.

Here at CasinoBonusesNow, we have a tons of casino bonuses sections for you, fron sign-up bonuses to both deposit and no deposit bonus codes with tons of free spins bonuses.

Diversity of Games and Gameplay

Online casinos have something very important that land casinos do not: extensive availability and demo versions of games for players to experiment for free.

Yes, most land-based casinos offer a long list of games and titles, but very few of them reach the levels of online casinos. The list can reach up to thousands of titles with highly regulated games and completely legal licenses.

At the same time, in online casinos there are no such space problems. With this they can offer many more slots, roulette, black jack, even live games with live chat rooms. All with a neat catalog of titles that is updated as time goes by and more games are added.


The first thing we are told when we say that we will play and bet in an online casino is that these places are not safe at all.

Possibly most of these rumors are from cases where the payments have not been to their liking or when they have denied some type of financial transaction.

The truth is that online casinos are as safe as traditional casinos. We must take into consideration that an online casino would not be in operation if it did not comply with the legal parameters and security standards required by the gaming and gambling system.

In general, in order to operate at an international level, an online casino needs such a gaming license.

Payment Processing

Traditional casinos have always had a preference for cash and credit or debit card transactions. Likewise, physical chips are used for deposits and withdrawals.

Online casinos, on the other hand, deposit and withdraw money through the aforementioned cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and, the newest method, cryptocurrencies. With the latter, more people can enjoy the different online casino games.

In terms of depositing and withdrawing the money won, traditional or physical casinos do it almost instantly, unlike what happens in online casinos where it can take up to 5 working days after requesting the final amount to be paid.

In this aspect, physical casinos have a great advantage and take the point without any doubt.

Social Interaction

This is, perhaps, one of the most important features that some players need. Many people go to land-based casinos particularly because they want to have face-to-face communication with other players.

These traditional casinos allow people to enjoy interesting conversations while gambling, reinforcing the value of social interaction that we all need.

As the game goes on, people can also keep an eye on the moves of other gamblers, copy some strategies, learn and teach tactics, and interact with people who are much more experienced in the world of gambling.

But online casinos are not so far behind in terms of communication and human relations. The applications have installed and very well-implemented chat rooms to communicate both with other players and with the staff of the online casino itself.

The fundamental thing here is to have a good internet connection so that communication is not interrupted.

Which One is the Best?

On the one hand, as we have already seen in this article, land-based casinos beat online casinos in terms of the social factor, the gaming environment that can be found in their facilities, and the speed of their deposit and payment systems. This type of casino is considered for more sociable and traditional people.

On the other hand, online casinos have the advantage of convenience, the great diversity of games with their demo versions, and the flexibility of payment systems. These casinos are adapted to those new players who wish to start in the world of gambling and betting; for more relaxed and modern people who are looking for money and fun from the comfort of their office or home.

Each type and style of casino has its advantages and disadvantages. The final choice will always be in the hands of the player depending on his preferences, desires, and needs for gambling and money.

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