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Our Fantasino Live Chat Agent Andrew from Costa Rica

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun

What is your name?


Which casino do you work for?

How long have you been working as a livechat agent?

1 year

Where do you live?

Costa Rica

What do you like to eat?

Pizza, all italian food, steaks 😛

What are your hobbies?

Listening to music, soccer, going to the movies

Do you like to gamble?

I used to a while back (sports betting), but I was terrible at it, so I had to stop haha

What music do you listen to?

Electronic, indie rock, old classic rock (80s and 90s)

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Well the work environment is great, you can watch TV and get all the snacks you want. And work related, you get to speak to many different people each time (some funnier than others)

What do you enjoy the least of your job?

That sometimes it could get really busy, specially in the afternoons/evenings

Have you encountered any celebrities and famous people at the casino?

No unfortunately not… maybe some famous actor/actress will join us one day 😀

You deserve a raise because?

Because I’m the best employee, of course lol

Do people just go onto live chat just to chat about their personal stuff?

Not very often, but sometimes you do have clients that like to speak to us, and share pictures about themselves, their dogs, etc. There are some really funny clients here looking for freebies that make us laugh!

Share a story of a player from hell

Well once a lady lost all her money (it was her first deposit) and she came into the chat insulting everyone. She didn’t even give us a chance to answer or offer anything in return to keep her happy. I don’t think I ever heard an old woman with such a vocabulary. Later we found out it’s an old lady that takes medication daily and maybe she was just missing her medication from that night 😛

Do you make friends with the people you chat with?

There are some clients you get to know more, because they are always chatting with us. They even share a picture of themselves, their family, pets, etc. There are some clients that you always speak to, so each time they jump into the chat, they come looking for us 🙂

What is your most memorable moment at work?

One day our national soccer team, Costa Rica, was playing for the World Cup Qualifiers, and at our office there was so much noise and food for us, that it looked like if we were at the stadium supporting our team lol

About Fantasino

Fantasino is a newish online casino that’s powered by EveryMatrix which means they have a ton of casino games.

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