Club World Casino launches new lobby

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds

We interviewed Stephen from ClubWorldCasinos to talk about the recently launched lobby of Club World Casinos.

1. Club World Casino has just launched a new lobby which seems to be rolled back in terms of not having too much glitz and distracting visuals that you see at other casino lobbies. Do you think the simplified layout will be something that casino players like, appreciate, and will find better?

I think you’re right to some extent that it’s rolled back except this time it’s gone HD, but you also hit the nail on the head by saying it doesn’t have all the distractions that other casinos may have. What we’ve tried to do is simplify the lobbies and make them as easy as possible for a player to use. It’s still early days and making such changes to a casino lobby is actually quite a big deal, especially for our more established brands like ClubWorld. Player get familiar with layouts, so we had to consider every change we made carefully before release.

We believe players will like the new layout and the new features that come with it. We believe that they’ll be able to locate their favorite games faster and with fewer clicks, especially with the introduction of the game recommender which offers games based on the player's previous game history with us. With the new lobby being HD (bigger resolution) players will hopefully enjoy our games even more.

I hope that players will find it better, however, it is an evolving process and something that will always grow and develop as we progress. It could be the start of many good things to come.

2. The lobby is very new but what has the feedback been so far?

On the whole, feedback so far has been great. No one likes a change but if there are good reasons to do it and they are easily shown then generally there isn’t too much issue. I am sure there will be some negative or constructive feedback, which is great, we take it all on board and then check to see how we could make it better.

3. The mobile casino at Club World Casino seems to have an easy-to-use interface since it launched what percentage of players are trying out the mobile version?

Mobile was a slow starter for us, when it became an option for us we weren’t totally happy with the interface or the usability, As a result, we delayed the launch until we could make the relevant changes so that our players had the best possible experience when using our mobile clients. Mobile is a growing sector for us and our players are using it on the go (on the toilet) we’re seeing upwards of 20% of all deposits being made on a mobile device.

The main thing about this is that mobile is growing for us. We’re also working through mobile to improve the process players go through and to make it easier to use and clearer to understand.

4. How do the players like that casino has always offered daily promotions for every day of the week including weekends?

The daily bonuses are decent in that players get a variety of bonuses throughout the week and they know exactly where they are up to. It’s like a routine, Imagine going to a site where there are tonnes of bonuses being chucked around and the player getting confused over which one would offer the most value or the most relevant for the games they play.

5. What are some of the biggest wins players have hit at the casino to date? We get some nice wins regularly which is great to see. The biggest one I remember was $1.4 million on one of our jackpots, it was crazy. If I recall correctly the player won it from a smaller deposit too, less than $50. That win alone shows that you don’t have to be a big depositor to win big, just be lucky! Aside from that, another player hit a hot streak and won $465,000 at its peak and played a range of different slots at Aladdin’s Gold.

The player wished to remain anonymous but had some good plans for the winnings to pay off debts and pay for a new car...

6. What are the 5 most popular slots at the casino?

This question is harder to answer than you might think, it depends on what metric you’re basing it on and the casino. If you consider this question on spins for ClubWorld, then it would be something like the below…

  • Club World Casinos
  • Pay Dirt
  • Crystal Waters
  • Enchanted Garden
  • Cleopatras Gold

This also gets skewed when we launch new games, it generally goes a little crazy around new game launches, which is great.

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