All About Scratch Cards at Online Casinos

Austin Reynolds
by Austin Reynolds

Online casinos have yet to discover the full potential of scratch cards, but they are probably one of the easiest and quickest instant-win games around. Most games offer you a similar experience of actually scratching off a ticket but with superior graphics, sound effects, and overall convenience.

Here, we'll discuss how these casino games work, their types, and the odds.

What are Scratch Cards?

The game was first introduced around 1974 as a lottery game. Fundamentally, scratch cards are exactly what the name suggests - pieces of paper that contain a part that needs to be scratched off to reveal some prizes. Each of the exposed places reveals a hidden symbol. Match several symbols of the same type, and you win the prize!

Nowadays, there are so many variants to the game, starting from cheap scratch cards of around $0.50 to more expensive scratch cards of $30 with more fields to clear. In some scratch cards, the prizes are items and products. However, most online scratch cards feature money prizes that can reach up to thousands of dollars.

With the rise of online lottery and bingo, scratch cards followed suit. Essentially, online scratch cards are the same thing as the offline type, only now done on the Internet. Players choose the area they want to scrape off by using their mouse and scrape by simply clicking on it.

Just like slots and other games in online casinos, online scratch cards are created by top game developers such as BetSoft, Fresh Deck Studios, Nextgen Gaming, etc. 

In the online casino world, there are many different types of scratch card games. They have their own stories and themes, and some can even have added features such as bonus reels. Some of the most popular scratch card games are Merlin’s Millions, The Pig Wizard, Lucky Numbers, and more.

How do you Play Scratch Cards at Casinos Online?

Scratch cards are among the easiest games you can find. Their simplicity is why they're so popular among newbies. All you need to do is just scratch an area or a grid on the ticket to reveal the symbols. If they match, then you get your prize. 

Naturally, if you’re playing it online, this can end in seconds, as you have the option to uncover all areas at once. But if you do it step by step, you should first start with placing your wager. Then scratch the area of the card as if you have it in your hands, but now by clicking the mouse, and wait to see if you’ve won. 

Are there Different Kinds of Scratch Card Games?

There is a variety of scratch card games with entertaining themes and prizes to be revealed. Depending on your preference, each ticket is different, so you should first read the rules. In general, they can differ on several bases.

  • First, there is the number of symbols. Some cards will require you to reveal a single symbol to win, and for others, you need to match multiple signs. 
  • Then there is the style and theme for online scratch cards. You can find ancient Egyptian-themed scratch cards in pyramid 3D shape, like the Lost Pyramid, or Power Cash - a fruit-themed classic scratch ticket. 
  • There are casino-themed scratch card games, such as the Roulette Scratch, Royal Dice, Lucky 21, and Poker King. Some, like Treasure Hunt, also feature a bonus game. Moreover, you can find scratch cards like Triple Wins High Roller that provide progressive jackpots for the players, giving the scratching of a card a casino flavor.
  • Naturally, you can also choose based on their price. This, however, will influence the number of rows and the symbols you have, ending with the possibility of multiple combinations with different-sized payouts. 

You can also enjoy all the fun of scratching cards in demo mode on some casino sites. Although you will not win any real prizes, it will give you a taste of the real deal. 

How much Money can Someone Win from a Scratch Card Game?

Winning money with a scratch card is mainly based on luck. There aren’t some strategies that will work 100%. Nonetheless, players love the game because of the low price of the tickets coupled with a chance to win big prizes. For example, you can buy a ticket for $1 and end up winning $25,000.

We can’t tell you the exact amount you can win from a scratch card game, because this depends on many factors. There is the number of lines, the wager you place, the odds, and more.

In general, online scratch cards give higher payouts than classic, physical scratch cards, following an average RTP of 95% or 92% if purchased from a local casino. Moreover, a key ingredient is the odds of winning. The average is 1 in 3.5 which means that each fourth ticket you buy can be a winning one!

So if you strategize all of this well you can have fun for hours without breaking the bank. 

Some scratch games that are notoriously famous for their high payouts are Triple Wins or Triple Wins Jackpot (87,5%+jackpot).

Summary of Scratch Cards Online

Scratch cards have all that it takes for you to try your luck. You don’t need any skills or prior knowledge, making them super easy for new players.

Whether you are purchasing a scratch card from a land-based casino or online, there’s a potential for an instant win. Besides the chance of winning some money, players often choose an online scratch game because of the low time commitment, low purchase price, and exciting themes.

As their popularity grows, developers promise more variations of online scratch cards to follow in the future. If you favor little hits of adrenaline, then you’ll like the chance of the unknown in scratch cards!

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