3 Ways To Win At The Casino Legally

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun
friends_playing_pocker_1 Let's start with the most important thing first. You can not beat the slots, keno, or table games playing recreationally in the long run. It just can't be done. Every machine and game is developed with mathematical advantages to the house that can not be beaten without some serious effort. Slot machines are never “due”. Even if the Roulette ball has fallen on red 12 straight times, the odds are the same to land on red, black, or green on the 13 rolls as they were on the first, so waiting for streaks doesn't work. But there are a few ways to win in the long run at the casino and online casinos if you practice a lot and become really good. Winning for this article is defined as either having a net win at the game or breaking even at the game but the comps, offers, and gifts earned while playing create a positive overall expectation. Below you will find three ways you can be a consistent winner as a gambler. You still won't win every time you play, because luck is always a factor. But, done correctly you will win more than you lose in the long run. A future article will include the best books to read to help you become an expert at your chosen game. This article will just describe the games.

Play Poker

Poker is the only game in the casino where the opponent has no mathematical advantage over you. This fact makes it the easiest game to have a shot at winning in the long run. But, it takes lots of practice. T o become a consistent winner at poker you must study the odds of all the different possibilities happening, learn to figure out the chances of certain cards coming out during different times of play, and learn to read how people act and look when they are nervous, confident, unsure and many other hard to control emotions. Now there is a house rake in poker, which reduces the total amount you win when you win a pot, but this can be overcome with good play. And you don't even have to be the best player at the table. Usually, being one of the best 2 or 3 players at a table of 8 – 10 players can net you profits if you are good and a little careful. Tip: if you want to learn how some of the pros do it, many of them are on Twitch. tv and you can watch them play and see them talk through their process and plays.

Learn To Count Cards

You might see the title of this section and think that with all the books and movies that have come out about counting cards in blackjack that it can't be done anymore. That is completely not true. Counting cards have evolved from one method and one game to lots of methods and dozens of games to work your skills. And, although some people think counting cards is illegal, it is not. Casinos don't like it. They can ask you to not play or to leave if they suspect you of doing it. But they can't make any money you've won and can't call the police or charge you with anything. With the explosion of blackjack side bet games, card counting can now be done much more easily and with much less attention from the casino. Almost all blackjack games have side bets on them these days. By playing the same amount on the main bet at all times, but playing the side bet when it's advantageous, very few supervisors and almost no dealers will have any idea what you are doing. Side bets like Lucky Ladies, Royal Match, and others can be counted for profit. And with new side bets coming out almost every month, there is no end in sight to the potential in the future.

Master Video Poker

This one is a little tougher to do at local Tribal casinos than in Las Vegas, but it can and is done on a regular basis by some people. A “Full Pay” video poker machine, which means the odds paid out on winning hands is not reduced on any individual hand, pays back 99.54% with perfect play. Add in comps, offers, and gifts and you can play video poker all day, every day, and be a winner. This can also be done on lower payback machines, but you then have to be a little pickier when you play. Instead of all day, every day, you have to play during times of point multipliers or times when a certain amount of play or points during a specific period earns you prizes or chances to win something. Earning 2, 3, or 4 times points on a specific day or during specific times is the perfect time to play to help swing things in your favor.

Using Casino Bonuses Online

For the 3 strategies mentioned in the article, you can certainly play poker online but you won't be able to count cards online anywhere near the same as you can do at a land-based casino. As for video poker, you can certainly master the game and if you learn the various games like jacks or better, for example, you can give yourself a positive expected value for signup bonuses and match bonuses. Last but not least, video poker tournaments are another way to gain an edge as your competition likely won't be using the optimal strategy at all and that should make you a consistent winner!

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