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Casino bonuses are one of the main attractions of any online casino today.

Many players that look for ways to improve their odds of winning look for the best bonuses and promotions that will match with amazing games.

Because of this particular reason, Cashback bonuses are rising in terms of popularity. Nowadays, many online casinos offer cashback bonuses in some way.

Usually, they opt for weekly cashback bonuses, but you can find daily and monthly cashback bonuses as well.

Also, these bonuses are often found as part of a VIP or loyalty rewards program, as they are an excellent way to rewards players for playing the online casino’s games.

The popularity of cashback bonuses is so high right now, that a lot of recent online casinos prefer to offer a cashback bonus instead of a welcome bonus.

While a welcome bonus or a welcome bonus package offers a player a huge bonus to start playing, cashback bonuses are more of a “safe bet” and they will help you more in the long run.

A cashback bonus is also more attractive to high rollers; however, low rollers or casual players will still enjoy a lot of benefits from these kinds of bonuses.

So, in the end, they are a very well-rounded bonus for all kinds of players.

Additionally, cashback bonuses are a great way to get your money back in case that bad luck strikes your screen.

Make sure to always check wagering requirements, as well as terms & conditions for these bonuses. This way, you will find the ones that suit you the most according to your play style.

Of course, you can also check this page regularly to find the best cashback bonuses with all the information you need to know about them. And if you're looking for other types of bonuses, our Free Spin bonuses section is a great place to start.

What are Cashback bonuses?

As we have mentioned, this kind of bonus is very popular amongst all kinds of players. These bonuses refund a percentage of the player’s net losses over a particular period of time.

For example, if you have a 10% weekly cashback bonus active, and your net loss of that week was $100, then you will receive $10 back.

Usually, cashback bonuses are a sign of goodwill from the casino or a reward to a player’s loyalty, and they rank from 10% to 20%; however, you can find insane deals up to 30% in the wildest scenarios.

These bonuses can be offered in addition to other bonuses, like a welcome bonus for example, or as a singular bonus during particular promotions.

Online casinos that offer live dealer or sports betting, tend to reserve the cashback bonuses for these categories as they will offer them with no wagering requirement to promote these kinds of games.

Of course, casino cashback bonuses will give your money back in real cash, as you need to bet (your money) to accumulate a valid loss that will then activate the said bonus.


How do Cashback bonuses work?

So, you know that a cashback bonus offers a percentage of a loss back according to certain conditions.

The example that we showed you earlier said that, if you have a 10% cashback bonus active, and you bet (and lose) $100, you will get $10 back.

Well, you should also know that these bonuses might come with a limit in terms of the money you will get from them.

Now imagine that the previous example offers a 10% cashback bonus of up to $100.

This means that, even if you bet and lose more than $100, you will still get $10 back. For example, let us say that you bet and lose $120, with a 10% cashback bonus, you should get $12 back, right?

Well yes, but actually no. If the cashback bonus has a limit of $100, you will only get a 10% back based on that limit amount.

Make sure to check for limits as well, so that you can take the most advantage of these bonuses.

But of course, these limits are usually well advertised within the promotion of the bonus itself.


How do you claim a Cashback bonus?

Cashback bonuses are one of the easiest bonuses to claim in any online casino.

Most casinos will only require you to deposit real money to activate them, while fewer casinos will require players to use a promotional code, or to ask customer support for the activation of the cashback bonus. This should be well advertised in the bonus itself.

You can find many of our promotional codes in our Exclusive Bonuses section and No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Certain bonuses apply to all of the casino games. In these cases, every bet that you made (and lost) will contribute to the cashback bonus.

However, certain cashback bonuses only apply to a single game, or a single game category, like slots for example.

In these cases, you will only get your cashback bonus for every loss bet generated in one of those games or games.

Also, payment methods do not usually affect getting a cashback bonus. You can play using an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill and still get the bonus anyway. The same applies to credit or debit cards and bank transfers.

You can even get them using cryptocurrencies as long as the casino takes them as payment methods. Some casinos will even offer cashback bonuses for cryptocurrencies specifically.

Regardless of your payment method, cashback bonuses will be immediately accredited to your player account once the time specified by the bonus is completed.

Of course, if wagering requirements apply to the cashback bonus, you will not have the chance to request a withdrawal unless you complete the wagering requirements first.

Types of Cashback bonuses

There are three main types of cashback bonuses, these are daily cashback bonuses, weekly cashback bonuses, and monthly cashback bonuses.

Daily cashback bonuses

These bonuses are only activated if you generated losses on the previous day. Daily cashback bonuses are not usual deals to find. High rollers and regular players are the ones that benefit the most from this particular type of bonus.

Weekly cashback bonuses

As we have mentioned these bonuses are activated once every week. This is the usual kind of cashback bonus that can be found at most online casinos nowadays.

Monthly cashback bonuses

As its name implies, this bonus is given to players once every month. This bonus is ideal for casual players and low rollers, that are just looking for a fun time at the casino.

Pros and Cons of Cashback bonuses 

One of the greatest parts of online casino bonuses is that they are not mandatory; this means that you are not obligated to claim them at any moment.

If you feel like a bonus does not fit your playing style, then you should not get it, even if the bonus is great for other kinds of players.

Cashback bonuses are often chosen by high rollers, as they will bet a lot of money very often, which getting that money back, represents an enormous advantage in the long run.

After all, the more money you wager, the more money you will get back. But this also means that you will have to lose that money to get a little bit back.

Regular players opt to get cashback bonuses as insurance in case they have bad luck in a game. Usually, this applies more to cashback bonuses on live dealers or sports betting games.

Below you will find some pros and cons of these bonuses. Use them as a quick guide to knowing if you should get them or skip them.


  • Better investment: With a cashback bonus you will always “win”. Even if you lose a bet you will get some of that money back. In other words, a bad play will never be as bad as it normally would. Since you are guaranteed to get some money back, you can get riskier and win more money in the process.

  • Rewards your loyalty: In most cases, cashback bonuses are active forever. Other bonuses require you to make an extra deposit if you want to activate them. But with cashback bonuses, you will only need to play as you would do anyway.

  • No wagering requirements: Most cashback bonuses out there are wager-free, and even if this is not the reality for every bonus out there, finding a great cashback bonus without tedious wagering requirements is not crazy at all.

  • Simple and straightforward: cashback bonuses are easy to understand, and you do not need to do anything special to get them. The only requirements might be to deposit at the casino, use a promotional code, or contact the support team.


  • Limited offers: Even if many casinos offer lifetime cashback bonuses, a lot of them only offer them for a limited time. Also, the cashback bonuses can be limited in other ways, like the maximum amount you can get back or the games that you can use them.
  • Not available in every casino: Even if they are really popular amongst players, not every online casino out there will have cashback bonuses available.
  • You need to lose to activate the bonus: The way cashback bonuses work means that you will need to keep actively losing to receive the cashback bonus. Even if this can be used as insurance, the fact that you need to generate losses is something that you should not be looking forward to getting.

Cashback bonuses in VIP or Loyalty Rewards Programs 

Being a loyalty player is often rewarded greatly by an online casino.

So, if you like playing at a certain casino that does offer some sort of VIP or Loyalty program, then you should not change to another provider if you want to benefit from a great cashback bonus.

Cashback bonuses are almost mandatory in Loyalty or VIP programs. In these programs, cashback bonuses go up in terms of percentages or limits according to the player’s tier.

So, you can find an online casino with an up to 30% cashback bonus that gradually boosts the bonus as you advance inside the loyalty program, for example.

Or, you can get the same 10% cashback bonus on every tier, but each time you level up, the maximum cap increases according to your level.

Of course, the benefits obtained by a loyalty or VIP program are not limited to cashback bonuses only; this means that, along with an amazing life-time bonus, you will get other benefits like match bonuses, tailored offers, free spins, and gifts.

The legality of Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are completely legal to claim. These bonuses do not require extra deposits and players do not need to risk more money than they have already planned to play with in the first places.

Of course, the legality of a bonus, promotion, offer, and even online casino will depend on your local laws and jurisdictions.

For example, some locations allow players to receive bonuses, promotions, and services provided by companies that possess a valid license. Other countries might limit the number of bonuses, bets, deposits, or withdrawals even if a player can access the casino and its bonuses regularly.

Also, a country or location might be completely restricted from even creating an account. So, you should make sure that the casino accepts players from your location, and then check if the bonus is available or has some limitations based on your country of residence.

Of course, there will be scam casinos that will make you think that everything is in order, while it is not.

Make sure to do a background check before joining an online casino. We recommend you our casino reviews for this task, as they will give you all the information that you need in one place.

Best 5 online casinos with cashback bonuses

If you want to know where to get the best cashback bonuses, then you have come to the right place.

Below we will show you a list of the best 5 online casinos that offer cashback bonuses right now.

The list is not organized in any particular order. The casinos that you will find below have different perks, but they are all excellent places to spend your time and invest your money.


King Billy Casino

King billy casino lading page 

King Billy is an amazing casino in every way. It has a huge game library, takes cryptocurrencies as a payment method, offers a VIP program, regular tournaments, and has a lot of unique bonuses and promotions as well.

Apart from a great welcome bonus package, free spins, and crypto bonuses, players will get a weekly (every Friday) 13% cashback bonus without wagering requirements.


Thrills Casino

Thrills casino landing page

This casino is very popular amongst players for its simple and fast design.

Thrills casino offers their players a big game library, fast cashouts, and the chance to create an account without having to go through boring registration progress.

Also, the casino offers a lifetime 10% weekly cashback bonus.


No Bonus Casino

No Bonus Casino Landing Page

As its name implies, No Bonus Casino is an online casino that does not offer any kind of bonus, well, except for a 10% weekly cashback that will be active from the moment that you create an account and make your first deposit.

Apart from this, the casino also offers a huge game library filled with hundreds of slots, table games, video poker, lottery, and live dealer games.


Mount Gold Casino

Mount Gold Casino Landing page

Mount Gold is another online casino create under the concept of fast registration and fast withdrawals.

Right now, the casino offers a huge game library with over 1,700 games including, slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Additionally, this casino only offers a weekly 10% cashback bonus with no wagering requirements attached.

Nomini casino

Nomini Casino Landing Page

Nomini casino might be the best one of them all in terms of cashback bonuses.

Apart from offering great games including slots, table casino games, and live dealer games; this online casino offers four different cashback bonuses.

The first cashback bonus can be obtained as a welcome bonus offer by selecting the Strawberry avatar. It offers a 15% cashback bonus for live casino games up to €250.

The second cashback bonus can also be claimed as a welcome bonus by selecting the Raspberry avatar. This bonus offers a 10% cashback bonus.

The third bonus offers up to 15% weekly cashback up to €3,000. The cashback amount varies (from 5% to 15%) according to the player’s VIP status.

Finally, the fourth bonus offers a weekly 10% cashback bonus up to €150 for live casino games. Additionally, this bonus gives free spins according to the player’s active days.

If you're looking for additional casinos, you can check out our list of casinos where we offer the best bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a cashback bonus?

Online casinos will offer cashback bonuses in several ways. Some of them can be a reward for your loyalty. Most cashback bonuses are given to the player after he/she makes a deposit and uses a promotional code if needed.

Can I get the cashback bonus instantly in my account?

In most cases, cashback bonuses will be accredited to your player account as soon as the time requirements for the bonuses are completed.

If you have an active daily bonus, then you will get your money back based on the previous day's losses.

If you have a weekly cashback bonus, then you will get your money at the end of the current week or at the start of the new week (depends on the casino).

And if you have a monthly cashback bonus, then you will get your money at the end of the current month or at the start of the new one (depends on the casino)

Is there a difference between Cashback bonus and Welcome bonuses?

Yes! Welcome bonuses are given to new players when they join the casino, while cashback bonuses are given to reward loyal players or as part of a special promotion.

Additionally, cashback bonuses reward you for losing a bet, which means that you will need to make a deposit and lose that money before you can get your cashback.

Welcome bonuses give you “free” money instead, which you get and use immediately after depositing at the casino.

You can even get a welcome bonus with a small amount of cashback bonus as well.

Are there any wagering requirements for Cashback bonuses?

In most cases, no, cashback bonuses will not have wagering requirements attached to them. Which means that you can withdraw them at any time. 

However, there are online casinos that do have wagering requirements for their cashback bonuses, but they tend to be lower than 5 times the bonus amount.

Do I get my real money back or do I get bonus money back?

This depends entirely on the casino that you are playing and its terms & conditions

Even if most online casinos out there do give back your real money and do not apply wagering requirements to it, which allows you to withdraw it immediately; there will be certain casinos that will not do this at all. 

Instead, they will give back bonus money without wagering requirements that can only be used inside the casino to bet it on their games.