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Video Poker Books

Video poker is a poker variant that is inspired by five-card draw poker. This popular casino game is played on a machine that looks similar to slot machines. The first video poker games were introduced in the 1970s, but they have become very popular in 1980s when many different manufacturers have started creating different video poker games.

video poker books

Today, players can choose from a wide array of video poker games. Besides the physical machines, modern players can use online video poker games too. One of the most used variations of this game is the Draw Poker, also known as Jacks or Better. Payoffs start at a pair of jacks. Besides this variation, you can find Bally’s All American, Joker’s Wild, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Sigma Flush Attack, Double Double Bonus, 9/5 Jacks or Better, and even Progressive Jackpot video poker games.

Even though some players may think that video poker is similar to playing slot machines, the truth is that video poker requires skills not just pure luck. Every decision you make during this game has an impact on the final outcome. Some people are skeptical because the game uses random number generator, but the fact is that if you learn the best ways to play the hands you have you will increase the chance of winning.

There are many things that can help you become a better video poker player. Some people are using training DVDs while others are taking online courses. There are players that using real training sessions. All these things can be beneficial, but in this article, we will focus on one type of item that has helped many gamblers – video poker books.

An Introduction to Video Poker Books

The first video poker books appeared on the market in the 1980s. This is quite logical because this is the time when this casino game had its golden years. But, even though the interest in video poker is slightly lower today, this doesn’t mean that there are no new video poker books. On the contrary, every year there are a few new video poker books.

When it comes to the nature of these books, we can separate them into few different categories. For example, there are many video poker books that are talking about the personal experiences of the author. This is an excellent way to learn more about the game and how it’s played from a specific point of view. On the other hand, there are many video poker books that were written by professional gamblers that are providing details about the mechanics of this game. With the help of these video poker books, you can understand how to play this game in the best possible way.

We should also mention that most of these books are focused on regular video poker games, although there are some books dedicated to online video poker games. Needless to say, there are video poker books designed for beginners and books for advanced players looking for a way to improve their skills and explore new strategies.

In any case, video poker books can be quite helpful and players who want to get better results at video poker games should read some of them. The following is a list of the best video poker books:

Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer

video poker book by Bob Dancer

Bob Dancer is a famous columnist who has spent most of his life writing for the Las Vegas Review where he had a regular column. He is also a video poker teacher. Million Dollar Video Poker is his most successful book which he published back in 2003. This is one of those personal experience books that we were talking about earlier. The book reveals the author’s and his wife’s lives in the moments when he was starting playing video poker until his first big win.

Dancer talks about his bankroll and how he spent months winning and losing money. But, the book is focused on one particular period of six months when the couple managed to win one million dollars. In the book, you will find instructions on how to choose the best video poker games, how to use different poker machines and how to manage your money in the best possible way.

The Video Poker Answer Book by John Grochowski

This is another video poker book written by a columnist. In this case, John had a weekly column in the Chicago Sun-Times dedicated to casino gambling. Grochowski is a passionate video poker, blackjack, and online slots player. The Video Poker Answer Book is a unique video poker book because it contains many different tests that can help beginner and advanced players. You can find questions with multiple choice answers as well as definition lists, matching games, and short quizzes. This has proven to be an excellent way to learn new things related to video poker and to master this game. With over 250 pages and 16 chapters, this book can provide many answers to your questions as a video poker player. The good thing is that Grochowski provides different strategies for different video poker variations. Obviously, he has realized that these variations have some unique characteristics that require a different approach.

Winning Strategies for Video Poker by Lenny Frome

Lenny Frome is an interesting gambling author who starts working as an aerospace engineer. He used his mathematics skills to get the job. However, it didn’t take much time before he realized that he has a great passion for gambling too. He was especially interested in blackjack, but after a while, he also spent a lot of time playing video poker. In 1993, his Winning Strategies for Video Poker was published. The book contains a helpful index of pay tables for different kinds of video poker games, the return per game and guides for each of the popular video poker variations. As a matter of fact, over 50 video poker games are covered in this book.

The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker by Rob Singer

Rob Singer marked the year 2000 with his book on video poker. This book has an interesting approach that questions the mathematical side of video poker game analysis. Singer claims that there is no need for strategy guidelines due to the fact that RNGs are not detrimental to the outcome of the game. Rob Singer has developed a special system that relies on feel and instinct. He uses some basic rules found in most video poker books, but the main point is that people should follow their gut feeling. Another interesting thing that you can learn from this book is that the best time to quit playing is when you are ahead. The Undeniable Truth about Video Poker also analyzes an adjusted Martingale system. Experts say that this book should not be taken very seriously even though it does contain some useful information.

Video Poker: Optimum Play by Dan Paymar

It’s interesting that most of the video poker books are created by engineers and programmers and Video Poker: Optimum Play is not different. The book was written by a successful computer programmer – Dan Paymar and it was published in 1998. Today, this is one of the most popular video poker books of all time. In the original book, Paymar was describing the tactics for three video poker variations, but he later updated the book adding few other popular variations. This is a great book for modern players looking to try different video poker games.

Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner by Bob Dancer

Here’s another video poker book that was written by Bob Dancer. This time, as the title suggests, it’s a book for beginners in this field. The book is recommended for players who are willing to learn the basics of video poker and who are ready to make progress. With its help, you will learn the techniques for finding the best video poker games in terms of returns. Additionally, readers will also figure out how to understand and use strategies that promise great profit. But, that’s not all. The comprehensive guide comes with other important information related to casino promotions, popular video poker games and more. Published in 2009, Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner is still one of the most read books dedicated to video poker.

Frugal Video Poker by Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht

frugal video poker book

According to some experts, this is the most detailed video poker book found on the market today. In this game, players can read more about playing, practicing and winning at video poker. Although it seems that these games are unbeatable, there are many things that you can use to become a winner in the long run and this book explains some of them. it doesn’t really matter whether you are interested in making profit or just to use your bankroll longer, this video poker book can help. Frugal Video Poker will teach you how to recognize good and bad pay tables, using different strategies and how to take special opportunities in the best possible way.