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In the last 15 years, we have witnessed a surge in demand for blackjack books. Of course, this demand was met by many authors. This is not a surprise because the opportunity to play one of the most popular casino games over the Internet has increased the number of active blackjack players. In order to win at blackjack tables, you must know how to play this game and how to play it well.

There are a few things that people can do to become better blackjack players. For example, they can start playing for free. They can play with their friends or they can play online for free because many online casinos have offers like this. By practicing this game, they should be able to improve their results over time. Some people are looking for blackjack coaches and taking online courses. All these things are effective, but the truth is that reading blackjack books is one of the most convenient and effective ways to become a top-rated blackjack player.

An introduction to blackjack books

Blackjack books have been around for a while, but as we said before, their popularity has increased with the introduction of online blackjack a couple of decades ago. Blackjack books are created for people who want to improve their game. However, they are targeting different categories of people with different needs.

For example, there are books like this that are focused on helping complete beginners. Obviously, these books will describe the basic elements of the game. On the other hand, there are books that are created for intermediate or even expert players. Typically, these books are targeting specific techniques that are useful for top-rated players like card counting for example.

In every category, there are books that are better than the others in helping people achieve their goals. However, when comparing them, people should not compare books that belong to different categories. After all, their intention is different – as the old saying goes you can’t mix apples and oranges.

According to many experts, one of the issues with blackjack books is that a large number of people are starting out by focusing on wrong books. There are many people who are just starting with blackjack, and they are choosing books written by famous blackjack stars. The thing is that in most cases, these professional players are writing about techniques that can be used to win prestigious tournaments. In other words, the content of these books can be used when you are playing with top blackjack players. As a beginner, you’ll find these books useless.

Another problem that you can expect from selecting the wrong book of this kind is that you may be convinced that you’ve mastered the game because you’ve read something about advanced techniques, but you actually don’t know much about basic elements and principles of blackjack. You must have a solid foundation before you start using sophisticated techniques. In cases like this, people need books that support their efforts to understand and master the basic principles of blackjack.

The best blackjack books can help you improve your strategy and techniques. Some people claim that when they have a bad blackjack run, reading some good blackjack books has helped them get back on the right road. This is natural because books like this can help you detect weakness in your game and eliminate these weaknesses. Blackjack may seem to be a pure game of luck, but there are many strategies, tactics, and techniques that can help you win.

Buying and choosing blackjack books

Just like in the case of playing, people can buy blackjack books online and in physical stores. Amazon is a great place for those looking for popular books of this kind. It’s worth mentioning that you can find both physical books and eBooks too. In any case, we will now share a few popular titles that are worth reading. They belong to different categories of blackjack books.

Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art by Arnold Snyder

Arnold Snyder is a famous blackjack player and he has written a few books about this game. Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art is an interesting and very useful book in which he provides tricks and tips to professional players. Some of the techniques explained in this book include the zen count, hi-lo count, red 7 count and more.

Professional Blackjack by Standford Wong

professional blackjack book by Stanford WongThis is another blackjack book that is recommended to serious blackjack players. Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong is the ideal piece of work for those interested in the well-known and frequently used Hi-Lo card counting system. You can find strategy tables and explanations for basic strategy and explanations for different rules. This is a book that contains detailed info. Beginners should probably stay away from this book because it can only cause confusion if you are not an experienced player.

How to Play Blackjack

This is obviously a book that can be used by beginners. Kevin Gerard has created a comprehensive guide that can help players learn the basics of this great game. In this book, they can find an explanation for the rules, winner strategies, odds and many other things that can make a huge difference when you are playing blackjack. With easy to understand instructions and smooth writing, this blackjack is a must-have for every prospective blackjack player.

Knock-Out Blackjack

Now here’s a blackjack book created by a university professor. Knock-Out Blackjack describes the easiest card counting system that players use today. Despite its simplicity, this system promises great results when it’s used in the right way. What readers like is the fact that the book provides detailed and easy to follow instructions. This book is perfect for beginners and casual players, but experienced and professional players can learn a few things too. Many people use this card counting system before they start practicing the more complex Hi-Lo system.

There is no doubt that blackjack books are useful, but in order to get the most of them, you must focus on the books that match your skills and goals.

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