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Bingo is a game with a very long history. In the recent period, this game which was usually played in specially designed bingo halls is now more popular on the Internet. This is a very convenient way to play this fun game. Although bingo is a game of luck, similar to other games of this type, players should have a strategy in order to become more successful.

bingo books

Passionate bingo players know this, but they can’t agree about one thing – which strategy is the best. In order to learn more about bingo strategies and bingo game in general, you can use a wide range of resources. For example, every now and then, you can find bingo courses, seminars or training classes. You can also find specialized software solutions too. But, more and more people are relying on bingo books.

What Are Bingo Books All About?

The term is self-explanatory – bingo books are books that help players learn more about this exciting game. If you take a closer look at the book market focused on gambling books, you will notice that there are much more books dedicated to poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack or other types of games. However, even this relatively small number of books can be helpful if you know what exactly you are looking for.

Truth be told, bingo is a very simple game with just a few rules and this may be the main reason why there are not many bingo books out there. But, reputable bingo players know that winning at bingo is not a simple task. There’s some mathematics involved, but you should also know that the final outcome is dictated by few other things like psychology, the right approach and of course – the number of bingo cards you’ve bought.

When trying to find the best bingo book, you should take a few things into account. In most cases, the books that are talking about 100%, bulletproof systems, and tactics, are written by bad writers who are just trying to rip off bingo players. The good thing is that there many bingo books, that were published in the last four decades that are quite honest. Their authors are pointing out that there are no special formals and strategies that guarantee wins.

Basically, there are two types of bingo books – books for beginners and books for advanced players. If you are completely new to this game, you should obviously start with the bingo books for beginners. In these books, you will learn the basic rules of the game and how to win this game. They are written in a way that makes it perfectly clear how you can play bingo even if this is your first time playing.

The other category of bingo books is for more experienced players that have tried a few strategies without significant success. These books will help you manage your money (your bank), choose the right number of tickets based on your budget and the game itself and few other things that can boost your winning odds.

Buying and Selecting Bingo Books

We are living in an age where books are available in different formats. So, besides the physical bingo books, you can also find electronic versions of these books. If you are interested in purchasing electronic books, you should use the Internet and websites like Amazon and eBay. Don’t forget that you can buy physical books over the Internet too. The good thing is that the Internet allows you to select bingo books based on different characteristics like the author, year, category/subcategory and more. In this short guide, we will suggest a few popular bingo books that may help you.

The Basics of Winning Bingo by Avery Cardoza

the basics of winning bingo book

Avery Cardoza, the author of this bingo book, was a famous gambler that often visited casinos in Las Vegas and other cities where gambling was allowed. He was famous for his card counting techniques which brought him many problems in the past. The Basics of Winning Bingo was published in 2002. This is a relatively short book, like most bingo books. This book is created for beginners in this field. All the basic elements of bingo are analyzed in details. So, you should not expect to find some advanced strategies, but you will definitely master the rules of bingo once you are done reading.

Gambling Times Guide to Bingo by Roger Snowden

This is a slightly older bingo book published in 1986. In this book, Roger Snowden has created a detailed overview of the game. Readers can find information about the history of bingo, a guide to the basic rules of this game, a glossary that includes all the terms used in bingo and a guide that can help you build a solid strategy. Snowden has included a few patterns too, but our advice is to avoid them because there is no proof that patterns exist in this game. One thing is for sure, Gambling Times Guide to Bingo will help you understand bingo.

Bingo! How To Improve Your Odds by Andrew Bowser

Andrew Bowser, the author of Bingo! How To Improve Your Odds, is not a professional bingo player. He is a freelance writer who has used his experience in writing articles focused on bingo to create a book about this game. The good news is that the author sticks to the facts about this game and doesn’t make false promises to the readers. He points out that every bingo game is different and players should avoid looking for patterns. But, he also advises players to buy more bingo cards, explains how to calculate the odds and how to stay sharp if you are playing bingo for a long time.

How To Win at Bingo by Joseph E. Granville

This is the oldest book on this list, created by a stockbroker back in 1977. How To Win at Bingo includes a strategy that is based on an unconfirmed theory that players should use more cards that include final numbers because they are drawn more frequently. In any case, it’s a book worth checking.

Bingo books may not help you win every game of bingo, but they can help you understand the essence of this game.

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