BetBlocker: an app to block online gambling sites

At Casino Bonuses Now, we support problem gambling initiatives that help players seek help for gambling addiciton and problem gambling. One tool we are proud to show support for is called BetBlocker which is a free tool for players that blocks online gambling sites on their desktop computers and on some mobile devices. This app is free to use unlike other apps such as Gamban and Betfilter. Even better, the app doesn't collect any user information so users don't need to worry that their data won't ever be compromised. 

betblocker problem gambling tool

Why was BetBlocker made?

BetBlocker was a tool and idea born out of the online casino dispute service offered by This site has been offering help for players for over 5 years which their casino complaints service is offered free for players and has helped to return over $2 million to players over this time. In providing support for players, would often get players that would complain that they have a gambling addiction and want to get help for quitting. 

How does BetBlocker work?

The tool is mainly a desktop application and they are working on mobile version for Android and iOS for Apple iPhones. The tool simply will block online gambling operator sites so online casinos that accept real money will be blocked. This includes sites for poker, sportsbetting, bingo and lottery. The list of blocked sites is constantly being updated to ensure that new casinos are not allowed for players to access. The idea is after some time, players will know that gambling sites are blocked and will stop them from trying to access when they either know they can't or at least think they can't after having tried it enough times. 

betblocker mobile tool

Self Exclusion vs Parental Control

The app has 2 main settings, Self Exclusion and Parental Control.

Parental Control is for parents that want to block sites but this essentially makes the device password protected. Self-exclusion is for users that want to block gambling sites for a set period of time. Once the blocks are put in place, they cannot be undone for some period of time and the maximum allowed time is 5 years. 

BetBlocker is a free tool to block gambling sites

The best part of BetBlocker is that it is free to use. This means if a user has a gambling problem and they might have access to anywhere from 2 to 10 devices, this app can be installed on all of them without any cost and without collecting user data. If the app had cost money, it might stop some players from using the app in the first place. Some problem gamblings that are under financial pressure, having another cost on anything might prohib them from blocking gambling sites and might make them spend that same money on a bet which the app is meant to stop in the first place. 

Players should seek help

The app is a great tool but it isn't the only thing players should do to quit gambling. They should seek out therapy and there are many organizations and communities to help problem gamblers. 

To learn more visit our Responsible Gambling page. 

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