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Casino Affiliate Programs

Find our list of casino affiliate programs to learn about their commission rates, their casino brands and our rating whether recommended or not. A few of our favourite affiliate programs includes Alea Affiliates, SlotPartners and ComeOn Connect

Casinos have been online for over 20 years and it has become a major industry within online gambling. The casino affiliate business is one of the more lucrative parts of the industry as sites like this one work to provide information and services to players. The income comes from referring players to online casinos through their affiliate program. Webmasters can usually choose from getting paid by revenue share on their players or a one time payment called CPA or Cost Per Acquisition. It is rare to see models that involve a share of wagering although in other parts of gambling this can happen with betting exchanges. 

Starting a Casino Website

It's not easy getting started but the sooner you can create something, the faster you can learn. It is quite possible to get your first casino site off the ground and running for $100 and run it using a lot of free open-sourced software that exists. These platforms include Wordpress, Ghost or can be forum software like Discourse. 

Picking a Casino Niche

Niche might be a buzz word in marketing but it's appropriate. It's not easy creating a website like this one which includes so many reviews, pages and types of content. Some people want to create similar sites and the problem is that it's too competitive with too many players in the market. Now if you focused on a specific market and narrowed your target, you can probably get results come in faster. A casino niche, an example like slotsroom is a slots website, can be anything from focusing on free spins casinos, no deposit bonuses, slots reviews or about live dealer casinos. The more specific it is, the more you can become the expert in that field and own a piece of the pie. 


Learn the lingo when it comes to talking about this industry, aka our glossary.

  • Revenue Share - Commissions earned based on player losses. 
  • CPA - Cost per Acquisition. Example you get a $150 payment when you refer a player that makes a deposit.
  • NCO - Negative Carry-Over. As commissions are earned month by month, a casino with no NCO will wipe out a negative month and start from zero whereas NCO affiliate programs will carry forward the negative balance which you have to earn your way out.
  • Bundling - This refers to a casino affiliate program that has multiple casinos, when they bundle it means losses from one casino will be subtracted from the other casinos. Casinos that don't do bundling will payout on all positive balances and the negative ones won't count. 
  • Tracking Links - These are the links that you would put on your website that keeps track of players you have referred and registers on the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate - An affiliate is a webmaster, they are affiliated with the marketing program of the casino so this term is more commonly used in igaming than is webmaster. 
  • License - Almost all casinos have an online gambling license and this refers to the license or jurisdiction the casino operates in. 
  • Neteller - Is an online wallet, players can use it for depositing and withdrawing and webmasters can be paid commissions by this ewallet. See Neteller Casinos for more info.
  • Skrill - is another online wallet similar to Neteller. See Skrill casinos for more info. 
  • PayPal - is one of the more popular ewallets but they don't all accept online gambling transactions and some affiliate programs do pay with PayPal. See PayPal casinos

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