How to spot a bad casino game in 2021

Bailey Haun
by Bailey Haun
How_to_spot_a_bad_casino Nowadays, the gambling industry has seen a massive increment in the number of players across all corners of the world. Because of that, new developers have been working nonstop to release new titles that are able to satisfy every player, including the experienced ones that have been part of the industry for a long time. Despite the high number of casino games available up to this day, many of them do not offer decent features such as graphics and good earning possibilities that could allow the players to have a great time and generate some cash at the same time. To help you identify when a casino game is simply not worth your time and investment, here are some pointers that you should take into account before accessing any of them:

Check the games providers

The gambling industry has grown a lot since its early beginnings. These days, you are able to count on a decent number of game makers that are known for their dedication and work ethic when it comes to releasing high-quality titles. Due to the high number of players available, new game providers enter the industry in search of some revenue. However, many of them are not even close to offering a game that is worth playing. Some of the most acclaimed game makers that are part of the iGaming industry are: Each of those game makers offers a wide selection of titles that have given joy and extra cash to some lucky users. So, if you see a casino without any renowned software providers like these, it may raise a red flag.

Check the different rates that the games offer

Another important piece of advice you must take into consideration is the rates that the casino games offer to the players in terms of house edge rates, RTP rates, and the odds rate in the case of sportsbooks. Checking out each of these rates and how they can benefit you are crucial to identify whether a casino game is worth investing in or not. For instance, if the house edge and RTP (Return to Player) rates are too low, it means that the amount of money that you can earn is considerably low, turning it into a title that you should not play.

Check the maximum win available

If you are looking to earn money on a casino game, the maximum win that you can reach is undoubtedly important. A casino game that offers a considerably low maximum win is a title that you should never play. Usually, those games tend to be rigged and are just trying to get away with your money. A decent maximum win ranges from 2,000x up to 100,000x the bet or more. There are plenty of titles that offer that kind of maximum win, so you should definitely invest in any of them before trying your luck on other games. However, you must read the terms & conditions regarding this topic since a game may offer for example a huge win of 10,000x your bet, and you win for example $10,000, but then the casino has a rule of a maximum win of $5,000…

The speed of the game is important

If you are looking to play a slot game, it is important to take the volatility into account. The volatility indicates the speed of the game and how risky it is for the player to bet on that particular title. For example, the games that have low volatility tend to offer low winnings, frequently with little losses along the way. It is the perfect volatility for the most cautious players that are not ready to take huge risks. The games with medium volatility are the perfect choice for players looking for balance. These games are poised in speed and possible losses, so you can earn a good amount of money without risking too much. Lastly, there are titles with high volatility, and we have to say that these games are not recommended for players that are scared of losing all of their money quickly. However, high-volatility games give you better chances of getting maximum wins, so it could be said that it is worth the risk in the end.

Graphics and animations are equally relevant

As it was mentioned previously, the iGaming industry has grown exponentially in the last few years. Because of that, the times when casino games were simple and dull are over. Nowadays, games offer vivid colors, eye-catching animations, and compelling themes that could keep you entertained for hours. Take advantage of the new technologies and innovations and enjoy casino games that make the most out of them. You are living in 2021, it is your time to have fun with the latest offers available.

Casino layout

A casino that has a poor layout is not user-friendly and if it does not offer a mobile version it should not be a casino that you should join regardless of the bonuses and promotions. Also, a casino without a live chat or a phone call option is a casino that you must avoid, so a good live custom service is a huge incentive to join. The bigger the casino the better it is, so if you see a casino with few language options it is probably a small casino that you should avoid, since casinos with lots of language options usually mean that it has many players from all over the world, so regardless of the game that you want to play this is topic that you must consider.

Banking Options

A casino with poor payment options it is a casino that you may want to avoid since there are lots of good casinos and sports books with many banking solutions that will process your deposits and withdrawals even on the same day. Casinos with cryptocurrencies as banking options are always great casinos to join, such as the ones in our list of best casinos by Bitcoin payment, since these guarantees fast payments, so try to avoid casinos that do not offer cryptocurrencies as payment options. Check the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts since some casinos have poor limits a minimum withdrawal amount of $100 and a maximum withdrawal amount of $2,000 and if you win a huge jackpot of $4,000 you are not going to be able to cash out as fast as you think.

Bad reviews

Before playing any casino game, try to read as many reviews from other websites to get as many details and information as possible. Also, there are many websites, blogs, forums, and social media groups that you can join to discuss and to know about shady online casinos and other gambling sites and bad games that you should avoid.

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