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Online Slots Reviews

There are thousands of online slots to choose from and our job is to review as many as possible including the most popular slots. This page shows some of our slots reviews and they are organized based on slot categories and types such as 3 reel (classic), 5 reel (video), progressive slots, 3D slots and iSlots.

Online Slots Reviews

Online slots are a trending type of casino games. This is one of the reasons why there are literally thousands of online slots available on the market today. In addition, there are dozens of casino software developers that are releasing new titles almost on a daily basis. These relatively simple games that have setups that consist of reels and paylines can be quite entertaining and lucrative too. On this page, you will find online slot reviews that can help you find the right slot game for you. But, before you do that, it may be a good idea to get familiar with these exciting casino games.

Online Slot Features

Just like any other type of game, it is the features that make online slots interesting and attractive. First of all, it’s worth mentioning that online slots are based on the classic slots which means that you will find many classic features in the modern version of slots. For example, these online slots come with setups or matrixes of reels and paylines. The vast majority of these games have 3 or 5 reels and between 10 and 25 paylines. Of course, there are some exceptions. Namely, some of them have up to 100 paylines or a specially designed system which includes different ways to win a turn (they lack classic paylines). Keep in mind that when it comes to paylines, not all of these games have fixed paylines. In other words, players are free to select the number of paylines they want to use and the size of their bets. While we are talking about the setup, it’s good to know that most of them have 5 rows although this number varies.

Online slots have different symbols that are here to help players win rounds. Usually, there are between 5 and 12 symbols in an online slot and it usually takes three or more matching symbols on a payline to win a prize. If you have any dilemmas, you can check the payout tables where everything is explained in details.

The most exciting online slots come with special features like free spins and bonus rounds. In most cases, if you want to get free spins and activate the special free spin mode, you have to hit at least three matching symbols (typically the scatter symbol). Of course, many online slots have bonus rounds which come in the form of mini-games. Most of these mini-games/bonus games are played on a different screen where players have to pick symbols to reveal their prizes. The prizes consist of cash rewards, multipliers applied to the initial bet and/or free spins.

There are some online slots that have progressive jackpot prizes. Some of them have just one progressive jackpot prize while other have multiple prizes like this. There are slots that give out these rewards at random and slots that require special combinations of symbols to win a progressive jackpot prize. Now that you have learned more about the typical features of online slots, it’s time to highlight the terminology used in these games.

Finally, we should mention another interesting option that you can find in most online slots. Namely, almost every slot game lets players choose whether they would like to play in free mode or real money mode. The first one is sometimes called fun mode. According to many experienced players, it’s helpful to take at least a few spins in the free mode because in this way you can get familiar with the rules of the game and figure out what kind of prizes you can expect and how frequently you can win. The free mode is almost always the same as the real money mode and the only difference is that you won’t get any real money for your wins. When it comes to the money, most slots accept a few different currencies, but this issue is usually regulated by the online casino where you can play the game.


The language of online slots can be quite complex especially if you have never played a game like this before. That’s why we will present this short glossary.

Reel – this is a term used for the spinning wheels found in the game. They are displayed in specially designed windows in most cases.

Payline – they represent betting lines. In the past slot machines usually had just one payline, today their number can reach 100 or more.

Bet Max – this is an option to place a maximum betting amount for any spin. In many situations, progressive jackpots and the biggest prizes are awarded only to players that are using this option.

Collect – the bonus rounds usually end with a collect button.

Progressive jackpot – a jackpot that is constantly growing. This jackpot is funded with the help of lost bets. Every time a player loses a spin, a small percentage of their bet is added to the progressive jackpot. Typically, these jackpots are worth at least a few thousand dollars. The biggest progressive jackpots are worth over one million dollars.

Nudge – this is a special online slot feature that lets players which lets players nudge a specific reel to try to create a winning line.

Multiplier – a special slot feature which multiplies the wins after each turn. Typically, the prizes are multiplied by two although sometimes these prizes are multiplied by ten.

Wild – a wild symbol is a symbol that acts as any other symbol (except for special symbols). It can replace other symbols to help players create winning lines.

Scatter – a symbol that pays regardless of its position and direction.

Autoplay – the vast majority of online slot games today have an autoplay option which leaves players to select the number of spins they want to play automatically. In other words, there’s no need for the player to play actively.

Free Spins – a bonus which is awarded to players after hitting a specific combination of symbols. Typically, the free spin mode comes with extra features that make the game more exciting and profitable.

Free Mode and Real Money Mode – as previously mentioned, most online slots are offering a free play and real money mode. Obviously, the first one can be played without any real bets and the other requires real money bets.

Slots by Themes

Just a few decades ago, slots had simple themes and didn’t have any deeper stories related to them. Today, the situation has changed and many of the slots are quite complex. Some of them have familiar themes while others are truly unique. Even though there is no official categorization of slots in terms of themes, it’s obvious that there are a few themes that are quite popular.

First of all, there are online slots inspired by an ancient civilization. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and other ancient countries are often found as basic themes in popular online slots. Most of them are based on the life of people in these lands, but some of them are focused on mythology and religion too.

Next on the list of popular slot themes is the medieval theme. There are a huge number of slots where you will get a chance to put yourself in the role of a knight or a prince trying to save the princess or some other lady. There are also medieval slots featuring different battles.

Furthermore, there are so-called TV-themed online slots which are inspired by popular TV programs and shows. Some of them are based on quizzes while others are based on documentaries. While we are talking about TV, we should mention the movie-themed online slots because their number is growing every year. What’s interesting is that movie-themed online slots are based on both brand new movies and some really old movies. Keep in mind that there are games which were obviously inspired by novels.

Folktales and fantasy are two other things that serve as inspiration for the creation of online slot games. From Irish folktales to Viking fantasy stories, you will find many fun elements in these specially designed games. In many cases, people can find food and drinks-themed slots which usually take place in restaurants.

Let’s not forget that some of the themes are related to popular holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year and more. In addition to the themes we have mentioned, you can find other slot themes like rock bands, Chinese, cash, luxury, exploration, fish, mafia, superhero, ships, space, sea, Wild West, vampires, war and more.

Slots Software by maker

Have you ever wondered who makes all these online slots? Players may play online slots even without learning more about the creators, but it’s always a smart move to learn more about these casino software developers.

What every player should know is that the slots they are playing come as a result of the hard work of teams of developers and designers that are focused strictly on casino games. Many of the companies behind them are creating slot machines for land-based casinos too. Casino software developers are publishing hundreds of new slots every year and it looks like each of them has a specific style. Their games have specific appearance, bonuses, strengths, and weaknesses. It is not unusual for specific groups of slot players to look for games by specific providers. Once they find that some of these online slots match their gaming style they want to try more of the games created by that developer.

As previously mentioned, it’s not just the number of online slots that is growing, the number of slot developers is growing too. Of course, some of the developers are well-established because this industry has been operating for almost two decades now.

Some of the most famous online slot developers include Microgaming, Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Playtech, Rival Gaming and Real Time Gaming. These developers have dozens of games in their offer. In addition, there are a few relatively new developers that have proven to be good like Rabcat Gaming, Yggrdasil, and Habanero. Some other popular online slot developers include Realistic Games, Red Rake Gaming, Saucify, World Match, WMS, 1x2 Gaming, Arrow’s Edge, Ash Gaming and Barcrest.

Mobile Online Slots

When online slots were introduced for the first time over 20 years ago, people were a little bit skeptical. We have witnessed the same reaction when mobile casinos and games were revealed a few years ago. However, the situation is now changed and more and more people are using their mobile devices including tablets and smartphones to play online slot games.

One of the greatest advantages of playing mobile online slots is the fact that you can play your favorite game from any place at any time. People no longer have to be bored while they are traveling or waiting for someone because they are just a few clicks away from playing an exciting online slot.

Just like in the case of desktop versions, almost all mobile online slot games allow players to play in free mode or with real money. In many cases, people are using the free mode first because they want to see how it feels to play a game first. This is especially important for mobile slots because the gaming experience is different. It’s not the same to play a complex online slot on a 22-inch computer monitor and on a smartphone with a small screen. The same goes for the display. There are some games with vivid animations and high-quality, HD visual elements that some mobile devices may not be able to run. Of course, most developers are working on special versions for mobile devices that don’t require too many resources in order to avoid crashes.

In any case, according to many experts, mobile online slots are the next big thing because there is an increasing number of players that have started using their smartphones and tablets for this purpose. That’s why the majority of online casinos are offering online slot games that are available on mobile devices. 

If you like to find out more about specific popular online slots feel free to read our detailed online slot reviews.

Slots can be organized by many categories and types such as casino softwares and by the category of slot. There are quite a few different types of slot games with some of the common and most popular are 3 reel classic slots, 5 reel video slots and progressive slots.

3 reel slots typically have less paylines and less graphics and animation. Some players enjoy the classic look and feel because the slot is simplistic and players don’t have to think about it when playing.

5 reel video slots tend to have the inspiring animation and can have a large number of paylines. Progressive slots are like small lotteries waiting to be won as some of the jackpots have exceeded 8 figures and records continue to be broken year after year for largest progressive jackpot win.

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