Live Chat with Michal from Casillion Casino

April, 07, 2017 6 years ago

Casillion casino

What is your name?

Michal Cassar

Which casino do you work for?

Casillion Casino

How long have you been working as a livechat agent?

1 year

Where do you live?


What do you like to eat?

Italian and Mediterranean food

What are your hobbies?

Online Casino :)

Do you like to gamble?


What music do you listen to?

Hip-Hop, RnB

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

The variation. I deal with alot of different cases every day

What do you enjoy the least of your job?

Looking at a screen for hours

Have you encountered any celebrities and famous people at the casino?

Not yet, hopefully soon!

You deserve a raise because?

I am excellent at what I do

Do people just go onto live chat just to chat about their personal stuff?

A very small percentage do, but I like it, it gives it a personal touch

Share a story of a player from hell

I better not, he knows who I am :)

Do you make friends with the people you chat with?

Some yes

What is your most memorable moment at work?

The time I go for a break

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