High Roller Slots Guide & Strategy

This slots guide is written all from the help of thepogg.com which compiled a massive report on numerous casino signup bonuses. They gave calculations of the expected value to players and every bonus has a rating based on low roller, mid roller, high roller and super high rollers. So if you are a high roller and like playing slots or table games you’ll want to see their list of welcome bonuses.

Playing with maximum coins

slots max coins

One common mistake some slots players can make is they play slots but don’t have the max coins set. You could be missing out on wins and in some cases the jackpot wins could be at a fraction of the highest payout. The only time you want to reduce your coins is only if you don’t have enough to make the next spin because that amount is greater than your balance. When you get to this stage, then you can break this rule as you are essentially hoping the last of your money will catch some big win. Some slots are default to the max coins while others you have to configure before you start playing.

Playing With Slots Bonuses

It’s obviously ideal to play with a bonus when playing with slots but every bonus you accept, you are binding yourself to the terms and conditions of that casino. On top of that, if you are a high roller, you’ll want to be playing at a casino that will pay you out in a timely manner. Some casinos believe it or not payout a maximum per week so if you won a large jackpot, it could take a long time to get paid. Other bonuses have maximum cashout amounts and when this happens, it tends to benefit wagering lesser amounts where your max win is completely cut off with a max win term. Some bonuses come with maximum bet terms so you’ll have to be careful here.

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