Free Play Casino Bonuses on Slots

Free Play bonuses are like no deposit bonuses but your starting balance is usually higher average $500 to $1000 and you usually can play this bonus for 1 hour. These bonuses used to be popular but also caused many headaches as they were very misleading. We recommend you visit our other related bonus pages

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    What's a Free Play Bonus?

    This is one of the offers that are used very frequently to attract new customers. Among the most lucrative offers that you may find lying around, like the no deposit bonuses as welcome rewards or even first deposit bonuses, the free play bonus is directly aimed at keeping you glued to your seat and playing the slot.

    With these you could very well earn even more of what you could earn with welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses as some of these could give you a timed window of an entire hour of spinning that slot until you say "ok, that's enough for today".

    Depending on what your minimum deposit is at any given casino, you could very well earn up to a 1000% in earnings as a first deposit bonus if you get free play rewards when making a deposit for the first time, so, make sure to never miss a chance like this.

    Is it that much of an advantage?

    Free play casino bonuses is like an ace up the casinos' sleeves, specially the microgaming ones that most of their activity is through online platforms and even mobile. These online casinos will give you what almost seems like free money in the form of the casino's internal currency, or might as well give you the equivalent of chips, so you can keep playing the slot for set amounts of time. After that, you're usually entitled to all the money that you earn in winning as long as it's inside the limit set by the wager requirements depending on what your first deposit was.

    Let's say you earn $500 in free play bonuses as no deposit and/or welcome bonuses; before cashing in, you'll probably be required to make a first deposit of a set amount and, depending on what that first deposit is, you will unlock a certain threshold that will let you cash out the money that's on hold. This threshold is usually limited by a percentage that's tied to the amount of money you deposit for the first time. You might be able to withdraw more money in accordance to how high your first deposit is.

    Due to the flexibility of their tropes, these conditions are perfect for bringing in new players looking for new experiences or for seasoned players that could be actively trying out new games that come into the market. They'll most of the time won't even need to spend a dime out of their own pockets. This also gives them the chance to get to know the platform and what they offer for their user base.

    Apart from the obvious fact that players can keep their winnings earned within the timeframe of the freeplay, these can be added on top of other first deposit bonuses potentially making it so that the first withdraw of profits can amount to a huge bank, at least relatively.

    How do they work?

    Free play bonuses are like no deposit bonuses but work a little differently and are more challenging to cashout if you win. No deposit bonuses at online casinos are usually in the range of $5 to $100 whereas a free play bonus can vary from $500 to $2000. The bonus works by starting with a balance say of $1000 for example, and you have a time limit to play most games like slots and see how much you can win. If you win a lot then this bonus may be claimed as a match bonus.

    The match bonuses are around 100%, so they are nice incentives, and they are fun to play with a large balance since players who don't make high deposits don't know what it feels like to bet $50 on a single spin at a slot machine. It is certainly fun to play more aggressively since most of these promotions are time based. Although you can probably play freeplay bonuses on keno and scratch cards with rarely table games and video poke they are usually reserved for slots play only.

    Is there a strategy to it?

    If you play any freeplay bonuses your strategy should be to bet large and bet fast as you will probably have a time limit to win as much as you can. Assuming your balance doesn't crash to zero try betting as large as you can if you don't have many limits on the bet sizes. If you are looking at specific slots to play then we recommend you play Food Fight slot with all Real Time Gaming casinos, Thunderstruck with all Microgaming casinos and Scary Rich for all Rival powered casinos. These games are known to play fast and have a high variance which means you will lose fast but if you win the jackpots are larger than the rest of their slot game selections. A higher variance slot game will give you a better chance of winning big to be able to cash in.

    See our free play bonus listings and enjoy the bonuses. Remember once you get the bonus you must start betting immediately, and you can't take a break otherwise your time will run out. Good luck at the slot games!

    Terms and conditions

    As always and with any and every bonus you are trying to take advantage of and with any casino that you're looking to play at, you have to always take into consideration the terms and conditions within said platform to make sure that the risks of playing in that casino are actually manageable.

    These terms are generally set up as a protection for the casinos as they just wouldn't be giving up money left and right for every new player that visits for the first time so, it's important to know what these terms could mean as a restriction for you.

    What's most important to know is that at the end, you'll probably go above the cashout limit. This means that, within the timeframe of the duration of the freeplay window, you will have a maximum amount of money that you'll be able to cash out that rarely goes above $500 as is and, on top of that, you may also need to make a first deposit of a certain a mount in order to withdraw some percentage of what you got in that freeplay window.

    Recommended Casinos with free play bonuses

    This is a small list of the most known casinos that offer Free Play money for you:

    Las Vegas USA Casino

    This specific branch is oriented towards players from the US while also allowing international players. This casino has set itself as one of the most reputable operators that offer their service to the global market.

    The most common way of participating in this casino's promotions is by using coupon codes that they provide and claiming them within their platform.

    Vegas Casino Online

    This online casino offers players with a whopping welcome bonus offer in addition to daily bonuses. Players who want good casino games also won’t be disappointed since the online casino makes use of Real Time Gaming software.

    Players who register for a Vegas Casino Online account for the first time can make use of the online casino’s welcome bonus package to increase their initial deposits. By using the 400BONUS coupon code prior to their first deposit, players will get a 400% match bonus that can go up to $10000.

    Lucky Creek Casino

    Lucky Creek Casino is a great online casino and is a member of the Genesys Technology of casinos. The casino lists many promotions available and they have 2 special offers for their players: First is a 100% bonus up to $500 bonus code BRONCO100 and the other is 50 free spins bonus code BRONCOFS.

    Be sure to check the terms and conditions when claiming any bonus. Overall this casino has constant bonuses which should attract new players to the casino and keep them playing there.

    Also, by applying a coupon code, you can also claim around $75 in free money for up to a maximum of $100 in cashouts.

    Casino GrandBay

    This casino has been pretty adamant on keeping their platform up to date with recent times and staying cutting edge on their software. With their neat webpage layout that makes navigation a breeze, the process of registration is promised to be hassle-free, and starting to take advantage of their welcoming bonuses will be an excellent experience.

    A huge array of coupon codes will also grant you with Free Money from the start and high percentages of first deposit matching bonuses of up to 200%.

    Aussie Play Casino

    Aussie Play is an Australian online Casino and licensed distributor of Live Dealer Games by Visionary iGaming, and runs under the RealTime Gaming (RTG) software platform, fully licensed and checked for fair play.

    Aussie Play offers a very good Welcome Bonus: 225% Pokies Bonus + 50 free spins on Cash Bandit, then they offer others Bonuses like 200% Pokies + 25 Free Spins, 210% Pokies + 40 Free Spins, 250% Pokies + 75 Free Spins and many more. Also, with coupon codes like 30AUPOKIES, you'll get a free cash bonus of $30 credited to your account.

    Just get a registration and enjoy!


    Players who enjoy collecting free play bonuses often play them with a strategy in mind of being able to rack up larger balances than with no deposit bonuses. Here are some recommended bonus listings that you might enjoy if you are looking to get instant value on your casino deposits.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a free play bonus?

    Free play bonuses or free money bonuses, award you with money, generally on an alternate "bonus" account to your main one, so you can play in a set timed window.

    Can I win real money from free play bonuses?

    Yes, up to a certain limit depending on the casinos terms and conditions and wagering requirements, most casinos will let you withdraw around $100 to $200 in winnings. In spite of how much you earn above this limit, your withdrawals are tied to this limit.

    Can new players use free play bonuses?

    Yes, specially new players. Since this bonus use used most of the time as a way to attract new players, it's specially designed so new users that are recently signing up can take advantage of them.

    Can I add up free play with other bonuses?

    Yes, most casinos will allow you to withdraw earnings from free play bonuses without spending free spins or other bonuses that you might get as welcome bonuses, no deposit, or first deposit bonuses.

    Can I withdraw what I earn from free play bonuses?

    Yes, usually, you will need to make a first deposit in order to withdraw what you already won while playing with your free play bonus.

    Keep in mind that your withdrawal amount could be tied to how much your first deposit is as certain casinos come with wagering requirements that sets how much can you cash out as a percentage of what you deposited.

    What is the most common way of earning free play?

    Most reputable casinos will let you redeem coupon codes that will bind bonuses to your account. You can check out our casinos that hold coupon code promotions and start earning right away.